New Hampshire State Officials Request Rescue Assistance from Live and Let Live Farm Littleton, NH


New Hampshire State Officials Request Rescue Assistance from Live and Let Live Farm Littleton, New Hampshire, November 21, 2012 –

New Hampshire Governor’s office, Littleton Police Dept. and the State Department for Agricultural Animals has received numerous complaints from the citizens of Littleton, NH regarding the neglect of more than 20 horses, alpacas and llamas currently seen from the road on Main Street in Littleton, NH.  On Monday, November 19th, the state officials called Teresa Paradis, Executive Director, from the Live and Let Live Farm, a volunteer, non-profit 501c3  Rehabilitation Rescue and Sanctuary in Chichester, NH, to ask for help in rescuing these animals. 


According to witnesses, there are many emaciated horses, ranging in age from 6 months to 20 years old, including stallions, mini-horses, alpacas and llamas, who are clearly under-fed, standing in 8 inches or more of muck and manure, neglected hoof care, often with no water nor adequate shelter, and often with no feed or hay regularly provided to feed them all.

“Hooves are over-grown and not properly cared for, horses have been seen stumbling and falling down when trying to walk”.  Stallions may have been mixed with mares, so there is a good chance wounds will need to be treated and some could be pregnant.

When the call came in from the Department of Agriculture with the town of Littleton officials, Paradis was devastated at the thought of bringing up to 18 additional horses to the Live and Let Live Farm, where there are already up to 50 horses, as well as, other agricultural animals in rehabilitation. 


“The cost of hay, feed, supplements and what appears to be extensive medical rehabilitation care, dental and hoof care needed as well as the gelding surgery expenses, will be in the thousands.  It will be difficult, especially going into the winter season when even more hay is needed to be fed to help the animals keep warm and healthy.”   “We will need all the help we can get, but we cannot let these animals suffer any longer in their current conditions”, said Paradis. 

 Today, a caravan of trailers will leave from Live and Let Live Farm for Littleton, NH.  With help of the local officials and many volunteers of Live and Let Live Farm, they will load up to 18 horses. They expect to return to the rescue in the early afternoon to begin the long process of rehabilitation recovery.  Donations for the medical fund, feed and hay are welcome and can be made at the rescue’s website by credit or debit card or through the PayPal account at: , or by mail to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, 20 Paradise Lane, Chichester, NH 03258
Teresa Paradis, Executive Director
Live and Let Live Farm
20 Paradise Lane
Chichester, NH 03258
Rescue#  603-798-5615,


  1. Elaine Mackay · ·

    I live in Nova Scotia and have been following the rescue of these poor creatures. As a former Law Enforcement Officer of the NS-SPCA I do understand the plight of these animals and the decision of Live and Let Live rescue to make the decision to help no matter what. I have read alot of comments from ppl who make quick snap judgements about this rescue. Its not always first and foremost on a persons mind to stop and say I can’t do this as I def know, any animals lover sees an animal in distress first thought is to get them out of that situation. I helped to rescue hundreds of felines over the years and the Lord always provides a way for us to carry on no matter how dire it seems, so please dont be so quick to judge what comes from the heart. Do your part and try to help not hinder a good persons efforts.

  2. 1st: Susie and Robert Aldrich: Please, for the love of God, learn how to SPELL properly. You got your message across, but it was actually painful to read due to all the spelling errors.

    2nd: If there were over 20 horses and “most” of them were in such horrible shape, why did the cops and the state leave some behind? If the state, the cops, the rescue place, the department of agriculture and the governors office (according to The Record article) felt that strongly about the situation with abuse and neglect, why were any horses allowed to remain?! I am still waiting for someone to put out an article that answers that question.

    3rd: The Record mentioned that the owners didn’t provide health papers? How did Live and Let Live Farm find out all the names of the horses currently posted for sponsorship on their site?? I can almost guarantee the owner wasn’t standing there handing out all the animals names at the time they were picked up. The owner ran a successful business for YEARS transporting privately, transporting rescue to rescue etc across country. I have to guess that the state asked for health records CVI and\or Coggins tests on the animals and they were provided? That would give Live and Let Live Farm the information as to what cross breeds the animals are and what the horses names are as well as comply with the “health records” that the state was asking for.

    What the owners are guilty of is poor judgement in not making sure the home sale was finalized before moving the animals in from Nevada. Also of not being more selective with what arrangements were made about whose property they were going to stay at. You can’t very well put horses on someone’s property that doesn’t know how to tell the horses head from the @ss! Beyond that, some of the rest of it doesn’t quite stack up. What happens now is anyone’s guess. The chips will fall where they may.

    Whatever happens I wish the horses and other animals the best of luck.

    1. Nacole · ·

      Really!! Spelling is what is most important to you!

    2. · ·

      Betsy, first off, maybe you should give some insight of who you are. One would get the impression that you are nothing but a know-it-all.

      Second: most rescue places live off of donations that are tax deductable from people like us who care.

      Third: if you read the article Live and Let Live Farm is nearby and is filled to capacity. Which means that they will probably send the ones that have been with them for a while into foster care. It is a matter of finding people who will foster them. To make room for the ones coming in. Besides all of these Rescue places are probably well known to each other so there will probably be some shifting of the horses that no longer need the TLC that they offer and be shipped to other Rescue Places. There are quite a few around New England.

      Four: Clearly the person who owned these animals that needed attention didn’t give a chit about them. If she did, then she would’ve been there on a daily bases and would’ve known what was going on..

  3. Justcurious · ·

    My wuestion is, why did thus rescue take them and they seem to be very worried about taking on so many more horses…if they seem like they cant afford to feed?? Im sorry but put them down or get foster homes asap. Im seeing this rescue beg all over the internet for money to feed them..,what happens to them if they cannot get enough money to feed them? Will they starve again?? Will the state step in??

  4. Susie & Robert Aldrich · ·

    unbelievable ..My husband and I live North of little on a 6 acre Meadow Hobby farm we own..many times we go shopping in littleton & just a few months ago we notice that this place had gotten quite a few horses and Minni’s …my husband and I stoped in and spoke with the owner of the house ..we wanted to adopt a few of the Minni’s ..but the land owner said I would have to get a hold of the Owner of the horses so he gave me her phone # ..when I called her she said she wouldn’t get rid of them that her kids wanted them …and she told me they were going to buy a farm in the littleton area ….. and know this morning I see the same horses on TV news ..what a shame this is have to live in these condition the owner of theses horses should be arrested and charges be brought against her and her husband for abuse ….very sad to hear this when we wanted to take care of them back months ago….

    Take Care …. Susie & Robert Aldrich

  5. The never ending horror we find our equine friends in and the never ending devotion that horse lovers have to help them. Thank you Live and Let Live Farm!

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