Fort Erie track offers barn, feed to needy horses

by Susan Salk on November 9, 2012

Sasha’s Girl in temporary stall

At the Fort Erie racetrack, where the distance to the Canadian slaughterhouses is frighteningly short, and where there are no laws or racetrack policies against slaughter, help for Thoroughbreds has recently risen up from the grooms, owners, trainers and racetrack officials themselves.

With the season over at a facility that this year grappled with the sudden loss of its revenue-generating slot machines, the track family has stepped forward, offering a barn, feed, shavings and other donations to help horses whose careers are over.

For Alexis Kacho-Sinke, founds of Thoroughbred re-homing organization Second Start Thoroughbreds, tears come quickly these days as she arrives at the stall of a horse in need of help.

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  1. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Non aux courses de cheveaux qui n ont par la suite pas de retraite et vont a la boucherie , je suis contre la maltraitance animal

  2. This is the positive kind of change that the ONTARIO HORSE RACING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION should be doing at WOODBINE in another few days! Imagine ONTARIO SIRED/ONTARIO BRED
    low claimers running today -nonwinners of 2 Life- being offered some time. ORC Chair recently stated in letter to industry participants, the general public is now having concerns about the future care of Ontario’s racehorses. Even the OSPCA would maybe appreciate it too.

  3. wietrich jeannine · ·


  4. Great work done by Alexis Kacho-Sinke and Kim Sinodinos of Second Start Thoroughbreds for saving these horses from slaughter. And hats off to the Fort Erie Racetrack for showing compassion and care for the stars of the show!

  5. What a nice story for a change…kudos to the racetrack for caring.

    1. Yes, nice story for a change is exactly right! That is the point I was trying to make as well by saying , Hay Woodbine, time to step up.

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