HayEast 2012

The Ontario and Federal government have committed $500,000 towards HayEast 2012 – Farmers helping Farmers.

This program is a partnership involving farm organizations across Canada.  This year, Ontario’s summer drought has created a hay shortage and a spike in the cost of available hay.   Farmers in Western Canada have donated thousands of bales of hay, which began arriving in Ontario in October 2012.  Ontario farmers in need of hay must apply to the program for consideration.

Here’s a link to the program and the application to apply.  The number to call is 1.855.429.2012


  1. Looking at the application, seems the hay is only for farmers, yet those of us w/ horses? Can we apply? Not looking for a handout, can pay a reasonable amount. I don’t need a lot but know I don’t have enough to get thru until next crop in June to look after my horses.

    1. All you can do is call them and see if you qualify.

  2. We have faxed in our info November 8th & still no reply…we have 300 sheep, 12 cows…with 2 babies due in the new year, 10 horses, 1 pony, 1 donkey, & a llama….it would be nice to be at least acknowledged. We will phone tomorrow for an update of our request…we remain optimistic…..

    1. Call Stacy Riggs program coordinator in Regina at 1 855 429 2012. We have been swamped but Stacy is at the helm taking calls and making things happen. We will help as fast as we can

      1. Thank YOU…….

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