Get your Petitions in and You’ll Receive a FREE CHDC Supporter Pin

Get your Petitions in and you’ll receive a FREE CHDC Supporter Pin PLUS your name will go in the draw for a GOLD NECKLACE!

The CHDC has a year-end promotion to bring in more petitions for Bill C-322.  Having our voices heard during Canadian Parliamentary sessions can only be achieved by presenting these petitions.

It reminds Members of Parliament that Canadians want the slaughter of our horses to end.  To date, there have been over 50 petitions tabled in the House of Commons.  This is great work but we need more!  Let’s keep those petitions coming in!  Find out more here.


  1. We need these horses. We can find ways to help them, help society again, to cope with PTSD. They can help kids in crisis. They offer tremendous health benefits to us that is well documented. They can earn a living. That’s just fair. We don’t slaughter people because they can’t pay their bills…..we help them until they can. Stop the slaughter and look at all alternatives. We are indebted to the horse for it’s contributions to our survival. Surely that goes beyond reverence. Slow down breeding and look after what we have. We can do this.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Perhaps someone out there can help. With the Conserative govt. supporting this BARBARIC INDUSTRY, i was curious as to how this govt. agency handles the retirment of these beautiful HORSES. That govt. agency is the RCMP MUSICAL RIDE. A PROUD CANADIAN TRADITION OF OFFICERS AND THEIR MOUNTS. I wrote Officer Marty Chesser,onSept 21 2012 . Mr. Chesser is the officer in charge of the RCMP MUSIAL RIDE and i asked him what happens to these beautiful animals when they retire. Unfortunately, for some reason unknown to me i have not received a reply to my letter. Not leaving the issue there, i wrote Mr. Brian Masse on Oct. 24 2012 who is a federal NDP member for Windsor West, and i asked him if he could help with my question, and reply back. As of Nov 16 2012, i have not received a reply. I am assuming that the CANADIAN PUBLIC would be VERY INTERESTED, as to what happens to these beautiful animals at retirement. After all, CANADIANS regard this as a intrical part of our proud history.
    Thanks Dennis Davey

  3. The CHDC has designed and created this stunning lapel pin with the stylish horse lover in mind. The Canadian leaf is a brilliant red tint which highlights the proud Canadians that we are. The sandstone background brings out the raised words “The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition” and horses! Wear your lapel pin with pride as we do.
    These gorgeous pins can be a beautiful Christmas gift for any horse lover but right now we want them to promote petitions. Maybe you could buy a lapel pin as a gift ($7.00 which includes shipping), and with the gift give them a photocopy of the petition and ask for their help – that would be so lovely for the horses!
    Contact information

    1. Just to clarify, the picture of the Lapel Pin looks like it has gold flecks in it – it does not – its look is of elegant and classy pewter. The size is 1.25” making it perfect for a hat or cap or scarf and of course your lapel on a jacket or coat. It can be so much fun getting signatures. Hang out with a friend in a mall parking lot during Christmas or after a movie and you will get loads. Share this with a teacher and inform them it is a great educational tool for our youth. Share this with your church and your community; your local humane society; the pet stores in town. The opportunities are grand!! Thank you for the horses.

  4. SunnyGADay · ·

    Can I get a horse instead of a pin?

  5. lindabadham · ·


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