CHDC files complaints with the CFIA and Transport Canada about the live horse shipments to Japan

On November 8th, the CHDC filed official complaints to the CFIA and Transport Canada with respect to the transport of slaughter-bound horses via air cargo through our legal counsel MW Law Offices of Vancouver, BC.

In his complaint to the CFIA and the Superintendent of Aviation Enforcement at Transport Canada, our counsel, Nicholas Weigelt, details the violations of the Health of Animals Act pertaining to horses being unable to stand in a natural position and lack of segregation of horses over 14 hands high.

Also, in the complaint to Transport Canada, the risks of shipping large draft horses in breakable, confined crates is brought to the attention of the agency.

These complaints are filed subsequent to the CHDC’s news release of October 18, 2012 “CFIA Fails Again at Enforcing Regulations for Live Horse Exports to Japan” announcing that video footage was captured of draft horses being loaded and shipped from Calgary International Airport for live shipment to Japan.

Please read the complaint to the CFIA here  and Transport Canada here.

CHDC supporters are asked to write courteous letters to the CFIA and Transport Canada to help bring this matter to further attention.

Thank you,

For the horses!


Hon. Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
Tel:  613-995-7080;  Fax: 613-996-8472

Mr. George Da Pont, President, Canadian Food Inspection Agency 1400 Merivale Rd., Tower 1, Floor 6, Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9
Tel: 613-773-6000; Fax: 613-773-6060

Dr. Ian Alexander, Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada, CFIA
Tel: 613-773-7472;  Fax 613-228-6637

Dr. Martine Dubuc, Chief Food Safety Officer, CFIA
Tel: 613-773-5722;  Fax 613-773-5797

Dr. Nicole Cormier is a CFIA Humane Transportation of Animals Program Specialist

Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport

CFIA Regional Office
Alberta South Floor 1, Room 102
110 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, Alberta T3K 5P3
Tel: 403.299.7680
Fax: 403.221.3296

Transport Canada
1st Floor, MacDonald Building
P.O. Box 8550
344 Edmonton Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0P6
Attention: Jim Welwood, Superintendent, Aviation Enforcement

Transport Canada General Mailbox:



  1. I am watching the horses get loaded onto the plane as I type this. I hate it and wondered if anyone else cared about these horses, which is why I came across this site.

  2. I so wish you could add a TWITTER icon to your site I cant share your work needs or news !!!!PLEASE can you see if you can get this set up? CFAWR has over 1,000 followers many in Canada See our website Thank you

    1. Hi, Sarah. Figured out how to do it!

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    Bev Thankyou
    The key to this whole issue of Horse slaughter, is Radio, TV,,Twitter ,Facebook, Billboard and Print Media. Simply put, , as orginazitions greater efforts need to be directed at fund raising, it is the only way we are going to REACH THE PUBLIC in greater numbers. A majority of people i talk with are astounded that ANY govt. would support the killing of Horses. AND THIS CONSERATIVE GOVT. WANTS TO KEEP IT THIS WAY.

  4. […] CHDC files complaints with the CFIA and Transport Canada about the live horse shipments to Japan […]

  5. Ann Wheatcroft · ·

    Just sent letters off to all the addresses but the one for Jim Welwood at Tranport Canada has already come back as undeliverable, wrong address. 😦 it was a good letter too. Any new address ideas?

    1. That’s the email address that shows on the Transport Canada web page:

      1. Ann Wheatcroft · ·

        Yup, I checked it too. Sent another in case I got it wrong but got it back as well. Will send another to someone else in transport 🙂

    2. I just received a call back from Transport Canada and Jim goes by the name of James for his email, so use: Thanks eveyone for helping the horses! Lv Marie

  6. […] CHDC files complaints with the CFIA and Transport Canada about the live horse shipments to Japan […]

  7. Dennis Davey · ·

    I have written George Shaw CFIA Public Relations, inquiring as to whether the Horse slaughter plant in Quebec, where video CONFIRMED animal cruelty is now using a firearm to kill Horses. Ihave further asked whether a CFIA Vet is placed in the kill box area to CONFIRM HUMANE KILLING when ever these animals are shot.
    Ihave also written George Shaw asking what measures[ PUNATIVE] are being taken over very large Horses being confined in crates where they were not able to stand upright for a VERY LONG DURATION OF TIME. Considering a disturbing history of the CFIA incapble of enforcing their OWN REGULATIONS,perhaps animal transport and humane slaughter should be severed from CFIA responsibility and assigned to a transparent, credible body that is arms length from Ritz and the CFIA.
    I am STILL awaiting a reply. [Should i hold my breath?]

    1. You work so hard Dennis, i just want to thank you. I stay pretty busy here in Colorado trying to get people to listen, its hard to get people to listen. Something has to give, it cant go on,

      1. jean robertson · ·

        Emailed everyone and received no replies. Not really a surprize!

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