Testimony heard in animal neglect hearing

Craig Huckerby for local2 Sault Ste. Marie
November 8th, 2012 – Last Updated at 07:54am

One of the the several horses of the Circle H Ranch – photo supplied by a former volunteer

A judiciary hearing surrounding orders placed on a Sault Ste. Marie horse ranch wrapped up Wednesday after testimonies were heard from City Policy officers, OSPCA officials and the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society along with volunteer workers at the ranch and Rebecca Hurley, owner of Circle H Ranch on Case Road.

A list of orders were placed on the ranch following an investigation into animal neglect and abuse, further investigation led to the removal of several animals that were in “various states of pain, distress and suffering as a result of improper care” according to a police report August 24th, 2012.

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A previous article on this situation can be read here


  1. Does anyone know about the Mini Black Stallion that was there? Was told he had registered parents…

  2. taylor made · ·

    how many of you actually know facts insted of hearsay? Probably none of you…

  3. “The “full extent of the law” is about > < this long.
    Next to nothing.


    Perhaps it is high time that our laws are changed to make mandatory jail time necessary for those responsible for abuse & neglect of animals!

  5. wietrich jeannine · ·


  6. All of these women need to be behind bars. All of them watched as these horses deteriorated over a long period of time and no one did a thing about it. Treated infections with a tube of antibiotic cream from the drugstore when they needed Vet treatment. The owner of the place was a hoarder that pretty much tells you what was going on here. Remove every animal on the property and a lifetime ban of ever owning another animal.

  7. “Orders from the OSPCA included making repairs to shelter for the animals and making improvements to their overall health. ”
    Well, that takes care of EVERYthing, doesn’t it:(
    I’m sure Rebecca and all those volunteers will just hop right to it! I bet they all thought, OKAY, let’s feed these animals now, what a novel idea! gah…
    I am sure that paint is now a fat and happy camper! uhHUH.
    Just ridiculous. I bet the healthier animals are returned.
    And the cycle will begin.

  8. Theresa Nolet · ·

    OMG this is the town I am from! I do not however know any of these abusers!

  9. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    This is a disgrace…Rebecca Hurley should never be allowed again to have horses, or dogs for that matter. She should receive the full extent of the Law as a deterrent to others who have horses whom they cannot or will not care for. Very sad.

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