CFIA Contact regarding live horse shipments to Japan

We have the contact information for someone at the CFIA who is dealing with complaints regarding our recent investigation of live horses being shipped out of the Calgary International Airport to Japan.

Please take the time to call them and voice your opinion regarding this shameful business.

The number is 403.299.7680

CFIA Regional Office
Alberta South Floor 1, Room 102
110 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, Alberta T3K 5P3
Tel: 403.299.7680
Fax: 403.221.3296


Ask for Paul Littlewood.

Please remember to be respectful and keep to the facts.  Good luck and please tell us how you make out.

Thank you.

For the horses!


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Iwrote George Shaw PR at the cfia in november 2012.I asked about the Horse export to Japan , and requested a written reply. Guess what, its now end of february 2013, and as usual i am not holding my breath waiting for his reply.
    Talk about an ARROGANT PUBLIC SERVANT, who fails to understand he is employed by the PUBLIC, paid from the PUBLIC purse at their trough, and is ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PUBLIC.
    Time to clean house at this agency.

  2. Elizabeth · ·

    Canada has so much great goodness, yet the slaughtering of horses, seals, belugas,,,all are a horrible side that harms the respect of Canada and it would seem the government would want no part of this at all. God bless the Canadians who are fighting to end the slaughter.

  3. I didn’t see evidence in the video they were being shipped to Japan, where was that shown?

  4. Randa Palfy · ·

    I just called and their mail box is full.

  5. Dennis Davey · ·

    I took the time to write George Shaw, head of Public Relations at the CFIA, asking for an explanation not an excuse or denial of the incident.I ALSO ASKED WHAT punative MEASURES WILL BE TAKEN for ALL those implicated.
    I am still waiting a reply from him, over my question,Since gun shot is now the method used in a slaughter house in Quebec that was shut down temporarily, is it now STANDARD practice for a CFIA VET to be PRESENT ON ALL occasions when HORSES are shot in the kill box?
    If not why not?

  6. I’m totally against slaughtering horses and any animal for that matter BUT what makes you think that the Japanese are worse than us. You’re fooling yourselfs we are just as bad, just as inhumane, just as apathetic.

    1. Yes we are, its all wrong , who ever it might be, putting our horses thru such pain, its a sin to God.

  7. I called and left a message. What next? Should we start shipping our cats and dogs to Korea?

  8. Pamela Hryskiw · ·

    Called and left (respectful) VM with my name and call-back number after my msg.

  9. I just phone and left a message, I guest they don’t answer the phone it

  10. marni montanez · ·

    I called and left a message. I hate how japan is so inhumane and barbaric with animals.

    1. Pamela Hryskiw · ·

      Marni, I share your horror. As a Canadian I can attest to the fact that not everyone in a country is heartless (re: yearly seal slaughter) I would also suggest Canada plays an unforgivable role in this–we, after all, are the ones repsonsible for sending these poor animals on such an horrifying journey. 😦

  11. Please Stop this horrific and cruel act against these majestic and loving animals, that do not deserve this monstrous act NOW!
    Shawn Kincaid La Follette, TN

  12. hat horrors · ·

    What horrors these horses have to endure to turn a buck! We call ourselves humans,yet we harm the very thing that helped us plow,plant,win wars,carried the mail,,helped us clear land,logged where machines can not go,The list is endless,yet this is how we repay them. We as humans are supposed to know right from wrong. EDUCATED my ass,We have become unfeeling,self centered garbage who would do anything for a dollar,I.m happy to be near the end of my life.This world has become difficult to stomach, What are we going to sell for a buck next,our elderly??

    1. God bless you for reminding us just what the horse has contributed to our advancement. How we treat them now is a travesty. All done in the name of the almighty dollar. Filthy lucre!

  13. I will send a fax….the written word is my preferred way ….

  14. I feel it is unfair that they raise these horses for the only reason to be slaughtered in Japan. I have drove by where they are fed and it breaks my heart that some of these horses don’t have a chance to be anything but someone’s meal.

  15. Patricia Coffman · ·

    I am ashamed to be a human being right now..sick beyond belief!I heard you people were doing this barbaric act and now everyone I know and come in ears shot ..I will be sure they know as well..stop this madness are selling your souls to the Devil for $$$$!I will be sure to follow this and pray you STOP!

  16. I just called and I guess it was after hours. I left a message, my name and phone no. and told them I was from Ontario. I object to sending horses to Japan were they will be slaughtered brutally and eaten. Surely, they must know about the cove in Tajii Japan were the mammals are ripped them their parents and sent to places like Marineland. They also slaughtered the parents and the babies were swimming in their parent’s blood. They do not have the standards we do for animals and consequently they don’t give a damn about how they are treated. Horses are domesticated animals and none deserve to be slaughtered anywhere or anytime. Then I was finished. Good bye.

    1. Pamela Hryskiw · ·

      Sandra–I also called. (Can’t negate my/our own country’s complicity and participation–we are, after all, the ones putting these poor guys/gals through the horror of the transport… 😦 )

  17. Michelle Storace · ·

    This is the most BARBARIC ABUSE. This makes me SICK.

  18. Catherine · ·

    Does Vancouver International Airport ships horses to Japan? If so, I would like to
    join a group that is monitoring this activity… we can start up group if no one is
    doing this. Cathy (a horse lover from the Fraser Valley)

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