CTV News in Saskatoon Reports on Japan Shipments

CTV in Saskatoon, SK reports on shipments of horses in crates from Calgary International Airport to Japan for slaughter:  See it here 

For the full CHDC investigative report video, please go here:


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    My god, how many times does an agency such as the CFIA have to be recognized for failing to enforce their own regulations, and outright incompentence by the Canadian PUBLIC before ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST THEM AND HEADS ROLL, THAT WOULD INCLUDE MIN. RITZ.
    Perhaps more AGRESSIVE measures are in order.

  2. Theresa Nolet · ·

    If you are on facebook or email lists spread this information! People need to know, that is the only way things change, be the candle in the dark room, if enough candles show up the light will be blinding and the politicians will have to change the way things are!

    1. “Be the candle in the dark room” how beautiful Theresa

  3. jean robertson · ·

    Thanks to CTV Saskatoon for showing this segment of the horse slaughter industry to the public. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Canada that do not know that horses are slaughtered for food in this country, that horses are bred for meat in this country and that horses are shipped live in crates to Japan for slaughter. The whole sorry industry has been kept quiet for years with only those involved knowing about it. Without the work of the CHDC this multi million dollar industry would still be a “dirty little secret” known only by the CFIA, agri- business and the enablers.


      I agree with most of your reply. However, take the XL death camp in Brooks Alberta. Due to the influx of different wants by different people, cash and religion the care and death of animals has been given carte Blanche to save money for the worst parasite on the planet. I stated over one year ago that due to the muslim slaughter beliefs of people at the slaughter house, the animals were being tortured before death. The Muslim belief is that the animal should know suffering here in order to appreciate the new life on the other side. The Australian government said that they had stopped using one particular abattoir in Indonesia as the animals were disfigured before slaughter. The hogs had their eyes and ears stabbed as the muslim believe them to be an evil animals. They show a video of a cow walking down the ramp and the man laughs as he puts his fingers in and pulls the cows eye out. People who are allowed to use religion in places of slaughter should not be hired. There is no religion in a slaughter house for animals as animals do not have such a crutch. Why does man as an animal on this shared planet need to pray over his dying meat? This must be guilt and stupidity All of the meat slaughtered in Canada, England and Indonesia is blessed for Islam. The majority of butchers in England are Muslim. The meat is sold as Halal products. Animals suffer more at the hands of these people. There is no blessing for the soul of the tortured animal only a blessing to make the meat acceptable for the human. I bet most Canadians do not know that they are eating meat that has been blessed for Islam / Muhammad. Again, this is the first in my history in Canada that I know of animals being blessed for a certain religion. We should all ask for our faith prayer over the slaughter animal. It would take all day to slaughter one animal. Fair is fair. I can hardly wait until animals take over this planet again.

  4. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Kudos to Shannon for her report. Getting it on TV was a plus. Hopefully it will make a difference. In reply to Peppermint. We all know that these countries suck as do Korea and China and so many more it’s hard to enumerate. Hopefully the US will not follow suit with their own horse slaughter operations. Only 19 of the the states in the US have outlawed gas chambers in shelter facilities. This is a huge fight we have on our hands. Anyone who gets it recognized by having it broadcast on TV needs Kudos. We all need to work together and support each; and every little effort made in the fight against animal cruelty.

  5. Peppermint · ·

    Hey what else could we expect from Canada and Japan two of the world’s worst abusers of animals? Seal hunts, whale hunts, horse slaughter, export of horses for slaughter….

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