CTV London, Ontario story of Standardbred broodmares shipped for meat

CTV London, Ontario, ran a story last week about three older Standardbred broodmares whose owner issued an order to have them shipped to the OLEX auction “for meat”.


  1. This is an outrage beyond words to me. I’m a thoroughbred owner who raced at low claiming level.
    I don’t own a farm. I kept mine beyond the track! This Standardbred owner is a piece of garbage to me. You could have easily euthanized those mares, you heartless, coldminded, cash grabbing, greedy track bum! It recently cost me 362.00 dollars total to put down one of my horses. And it bbroke my heart! I fed her carrots, mints, and her favorite hay the day she died. I stayed with her and vet until after she dropped. I brought home a piece of her mane that was cut off, then sat
    and cried. Sending horses to slaughter will NEVER be acceptable to me. The ORC should revoke this owners licence.Other race commissions should as well. Truth is that if racetracks don’t care that farm owners, breeders, trainers, and horseowners all send their horses to slaughter for that very last buck, then they might as well just start admitting it, they want them to go there! Horses are just shippable product to these sick people. They should have to watch them being killed.

  2. […] CTV London, Ontario story of Standardbred broodmares shipped for meat […]

  3. Ingrid Mattsson · ·

    How sad that people don’t care about their horses. I have my kids 30 year old jumper and he will stay with us until he pases over. Their first horse died at 36. They deserve to have a nice life when they can’t perform anymore.

  4. Why can’t people stop breeding animals. Why can’t we have licensed breeding of all domestic animals including horses. Why can’t we have a licensing system for horses, dogs, and cats. Why are there so many losers in this world.

  5. These people who cry and say they care do not care. If they cared they would euthanize them themselves and not send them to auction. The owners would not care if they didn’t get shipped. All the owners care about is not paying the feed bill. What a total bunch of bullshit.

  6. Shelley · ·

    I feel sick watching this. Last year, I saved a 17 year old standardbred broodmare from ending up with the same fate and she has turned into a beautiful riding horse that loves her new life. At 17 years old….they can still learn a new life and be ridden. Why can’t more people step up to the plate and retrain these beautiful horses? Why can’t slaughter end???

  7. Jordan M · ·

    Very disturbing video but a daily occurrence in the horse business. In a way I am glad that this business (harness racing) is on life support and will be gone someday. There will be alot suffering in the short term but in the end all the greedy and uncaring horse owners will be out of business. My wife owns a 30 year old QH who will be in our pasture until the end and will be put down with dignity like he deserves. Here is what hits home, is not worth $1500 to put these animals down with dignity to the owner and know you did the right thing? That is why I have no sympathy for what is happening to this business, our world will be better when it is gone.

  8. jean robertson · ·

    Most owners/breeders consider their horses nothing more than a business like so many nuts and bolts or a piece of machinery. The owners have no connection to the animals other than how much profit they can bring in. The animals suffer be it horses, cows, chickens or.

  9. Dennis Davey · ·

    Just to let ALL those involved in their shameful actions, there is employment for the likes of your kind in China. Your bunch would fit well in Chinas fur farms, and the best part is you could actually participate in BARBARISAM at its worst, instead of having others do your killing.

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  11. Sick in the head, mentally sick, people with no more heart or soul do not have all their marbles, its kinda like the serial killers, no feelings, its ashame to GOD.

  12. SafeGAhorses · ·

    As long as canada allows horses to be slaughtered ….the only victory comes when horses are not slaughtered! And breeders do not overbreed!

  13. The OWNERS of the horses should have been REQUIRED to come load up their horses, AND be present of the kill floor till the end. Slaughter for a few hundred bucks , or in fact any amount of money makes me physically ill. Lovely mares, how tragic.

  14. hmmmm…. do you think it was a coincidence that the 6 months they spent looking for new homes, is the same length of time required to let a horse’s system clear of medication before it can be slaughtered?

  15. Shelley from CHDC · ·

    Beyond irresponsible – just disgusting. I hope the owners sleep well knowing that the bed they sleep in was attained with the help of these broodmares. And I’m only speculating here, but the shot at 2:08 looks to me like a late term pregnancy with the horse on the left in the pen at OLEX.

  16. I just cannot believe YOU.. the owners did this .This inhumane and barbaric Tears you shed…. sorry that’s bull shit .YOUR DONT CARE AND YOU ARE NOT “SORRY” With only the three you could have found them homes and or called a rescue group to help them Have any you any idea what HORSE SLAUGHTER is like for these precious animals .You make me ashamed to be Canadian I have cried deeply for these precious horses. I am sorry but I have to call a spade a spade


    I challenge you to goggle HORSE SLAUGHTER on U tube .Sit thare and WATCH ! Did you know that there have been recorded videos of a poor horse being shot with a bolt gun as many as 10 times or more while he struggles violently, terrified, urinating and defecating all over himself.. as he fights to live

    This is the end result of much you “ care “ that you send these precious girls to be horse meat for a greedy horse hating European…and after all the babies theyhave nurtured and nursed for you!

    God my feelings towards you right now cannot be expressed to you in this very public forum !!
    All I can hope for is that I believe in Karma… and this will come back to haunt you for the rest of your loves I am sorry but I hope you have no more horses to kill… no more races and you go out of business!

  17. Night Crawler · ·

    Sick. If they cared they would have found a rescue or something aside from meat. Those horses trusted them now guess what horror they just went through and how terrified they were and wondering why those people betrayed them before they died a horrible death. Makes me want to puke on the people betraying their loved ones.

    ”Tell a gelding, ask a stallion, discuss with a mare…plead with a pony.”

  18. Michelle Storace · ·


    1. My Thoughts exactly 😦

      1. Did you guys not listen ? That poor girl is a broken hearted employee who along with The man (I asume her dad) have been ordered by the owner of the horses to ship them for meat. They don’t have a choice and their jobs are also in jeopardy. When you don’t own the horses you have no say! My heart goes out to her.

  19. If they are so upset, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO THEM????

    1. Because they don’t care.

      1. I hope Karma bites them hard 😦

  20. Having lived among humans for 20 years or so, learning to trust and be cared for, now these beautiful animals will face the cruelty of being mistreated, stuffed into crowded pens, left without food and water, put on a truck and the final torture of being slaughtered…all done to them by humans they have gone to trust. The owners…I hope they burn in hell. The least these people could do for these animals that have served them is give them a humane end without terror and pain.

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