Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden

The CHDC provides evidence of disturbing parallels between the XL Foods contaminated beef recall and conditions inside Canada’s horse slaughter plants.

Read the full report here.  Warning – graphic images.


  1. Shirley Smith · ·

    Shame on you Bouvry and Canada:((((!!!!

  2. Go vegetarian or vegan. It is the only way to help the animals. They will not stop until there is no profit in it. Also, euthanize your horse – don’t sell him at auction.

  3. Donikash · ·

    As Canada is about to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union, the EU Ambassador to Canada might want to know more about the attention Canada pays to the quality and safety of goods it ships to European consumers.

    Here’s the Ambassador’s coordinates:
    His Excellency Matthias Brinkmann
    Delegation of the European Commission to Canada
    45 O’Connor St., Ste. 1900
    Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4

    Phone: 613-238-6464
    FAX: 613-238-5191

  4. ~Lets all get this out into the {Medias} We either talk about it, which is good, but need more action, also….~ t/y

  5. It looks like the workers are paid very low wages just like they are in Mexico and there is very little difference in the way the horses are treated. If one could see how the cows are slaughtered you won’t find any difference there either. And with bute found in the hearts and livers of the horses who ever eats these organ meats is getting a direct dose of bute. What a mess. I hope these photos are sent to the EU organization that handles horse meat imports. One of the reasons for so much blood all over is the fact that horses have twice as much blood as cows do. As far as I found out a few years ago the EU does not allow any horse blood from North America shipped to them because of the antibiotics and it can’t be used for any other purpose because the antibiotics kills any bacteria used in manufacturing of horse blood based products.

  6. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    I have long since stopped eating any kind of meat; it is not surprising that horses are treated as bad as cows and that conditions would be just as horrendous! We should all become vegetarian and stay healthier whilst helping the environment!

  7. The worst part is that the poor horses have to live through hell like this before their lives will end…and for what? Most Canadians don’t eat horse meat. We butcher our own for other nations “enjoyment”.

  8. equusspiritus · ·

    Click to access sg-chdcbehindcloseddoorsoct22wlinks.pdf

    ”I slept and dreamed that life was all joy. I woke and saw that life was but service. I served and understood that service was joy.” ~Tagore

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    “When the last tree has withered, when the last fish has been caught, and when the last river has been poisoned, Mankind will know that he can not eat money.” Old Cree Prophecy

    1. Beautiful equusspiritus

      1. Suzanne Moore · ·

        I agree

  9. Bravo, CHDC. Thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious. Too bad those in power can’t see with any clarity. So busy counting their cattle currency.

  10. jean robertson · ·

    Really hard to believe those sorry pictures were taken in Canada at a slaughter facility and not in some third world country like China. The government in its wisdom forced all the small , local slaughter houses to close in favor of two giants who now control 80% of the beef market.
    As for them washing live animals off before slaughter, I rather doubt it. Cattle that have spent months in feedlots have manure caked on their sides right up to the hip bones and that is going to take an awful lot of washing to remove.
    I hope the article, the references and the terrible pictures reach the EU officials. I don’t eat meat nor do I see how anyone else would want to feed their families when our standards are so LOW.

  11. This is a living disgrace to all mankind, i emailed several folks in canada, and gave them my thoughts, that bouvry is a sick man, and the workers making pennies, and all the blood on their hands, surely they can find other work, HOW IS THIS ALLOWED WHY IS THIS ALLOWED

    1. Emailed several folks in Canada? Good, hope you tell them like it is. (You are NOT alone.) TKS!

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