False Alarm Establishes Need to Provide Safety Net for Slaughter Bound Horses

If ever there was a time for real alternatives to horse slaughter in the U.S. and Canada, that time is now!

An essay by Allen Warren of Horse Harbor Foundation

Please read it here


  1. jean robertson · ·

    Has anyone noticed that the people on “horse forums’ will view a thread on this subject but will not post a reply. Few horse forums even mention horse slaughter. It is beginning to look like most horse people are not interested in horse welfare but more into winning ribbons and other cutesy things.

  2. Jim Tourangeau · ·

    Very eye opening..where would 5000 horses go??…where would the following say 20000 already in the radar of going to the sales pens?? In one 120000 est. slaughtered in Canada..that’s about 60000 US horses…that’s less than .5% of the horses in the US..there is lots of room in someone’s pastures..that’s where they came from..most can’t go back but there are lots of other pastures with room for permanent homes..The trick would be getting the word out to good owners..True media coverage would help..Sadly most equine advocates are just keyboarders, who probably mostly live in urban dwelling..Not all tho…lots just don’t get involved with the big picture..With real media coverage there are hundreds who would help..Don’t believe for a minute that our Canadian rescue are too small and not enough of us..Just as an example..Rescue 100 in the Edmonton Area alone has placed hundreds of rescued horses in the last few years..we mite be a small country in most of the USA people’s eyes..but we are exceptionally huge in our capabilitys..yes there would probably some horses fall thru the cracks and wind up in the wrong hands..But thousands would be re home…The Canuks would make sure no horses would be left in the kill buyers pens..

  3. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you….a much needed article.

  4. jacquie Ackerly. · ·

    I am one of those people sitting at my keyboard. This was an eye-opener for me. While I knew that rescuing all those horses would more than stretch resources, I simply am not in the position to actually see what would be needed. Now to join with my Canadian friends to start an implementation of a plan and the resources to carry it out. thank you very much for your foresight.

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