Plants resume slaughtering horses

As everyone is now well aware, unfortunately, horse slaughter resumed after a short respite last weekend.   At Bouvry’s slaughter empire in Fort Macleod, Alberta, horses were being unloaded and feedlots filled up as per usual.

This photo was provided by a volunteer who took it on Sunday, October 14.

Horses awaiting slaughter at Bouvry Exports, Sunday, October 14, 2012


  1. chris1055 · ·

    The picture of our horses pressed together waiting for their inevitable end with the sheer shock yet to come is more than very sad; this is an outrage.

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  3. Barb, here is a doc for you which is from the FDA.
    It involves a Ron Andio, Patron Farms LLC, Canfield OH and a sale of a Thorobred gelding to Canada. The is a warning from a US federal agency re adulteration.

    This entire story makes no sense unless corruption is involved. This needs an investigation.

    The entire Congressional Ag Committee story on killing our healthy useful horses is a story of complete corruption. This is simply a tax scam and taxpayer ripoff to serve corrupt industries. That is how this has to be fought-by telling the truth as we find it and by voting out the special interest funded elected officials who assist in this horror on our innocent friends.

    This entire ripoff started in Congress and it will end there, too. We have to act and never give up. HB2966 & S1176

  4. There is something fishy going on here. Why would France shut down the import of the meat and blame it on drugs and then a day or to later all is fine?? It looks more to me like there was a under the table payoff going on. I think the EU people that handle this meat importation know and have known for years about the Vet drugs in most of the meat imported from Canada. Because the people running it may be as crooked as our USDA. When the slaughter was going on in the US they changed the testing methods and found the drugs and when that happened they went back to the old method that show no drugs. They find contaminated meat in the EU countries all the time there have been reports of of bute being identified in some of it. But nothing is ever done about it. Everybody is making money on it and they are not going to toss it out.

  5. Oh dear God. I am so sad for these horses.

  6. Here is a quote from dated Oct. 15, 2012:

    “Canadian & Mexican Processors Accepting US Horses for Slaughter

    “American shipments of slaughter horses to Canadian and Mexican processing plants were temporarily halted on Friday, October 12, when France, a member of the European Union (EU), refused to release a shipment of horsemeat derived from U. S. horses believed to be tainted by illegal drugs.

    “An EU Directive was initially blamed for halting the exportation of U.S. slaughter horses to Canada and Mexico. However U. S. authorities have indicated that such was not the case and that Canadian and Mexican processing plants had independently decided to halt U.S. slaughter horse imports.

    “The issue, whatever its beginnings or whoever was responsible, is now resolved and U. S. slaughter horse shipments to Canadian and Mexican plants resumed.”

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