What Happened to Horse Slaughter?

Very good article from Jerry Finch at Habitat for Horses



  1. This is why I asked about this rumor. It is all over the internet and I can’t find anything to back it up. The effect of this rumor, if it became that important to anyone, would be to discourage anti-slaughter advocacy. That’s what I am seeing so far.

    That is why I don’t understand this at all. It doesn’t make sense so far.

    If anything, I would not take this personally. This is reported as a rumor. If we continue to work for anti-slaughter legislation and continue to do our jobs we will succeed in beating slaughter anyway.

    No matter what you read anywhere, if there is no backup or proof, you go ahead anyway and wait for more information. If there is a question to any rescue or advocate, the answer would be that this is reported as a rumor and there is no verification available so far.

    I would encourage anyone who is working against the scam of horseslaughter to be encouraged. There is a lot of outrage out there and if we keep working as we can, with what we have, success will happen. This is a tough road to follow and if we all keep walking, we will make it.

    In the meantime, if anybody here wants to advocate for an end to slaughter through the U S Congress (being an American citizen is not mandatory) pls google Congress member’s names for contact numbers or use a ZIP code from an American citizen who lives in the US in order to get contact numbers for any Congress member through http://www.Congress.org. Let the Congress member’s staff know that you support an end to horseslaughter and that you want passage of bills HB2966 and S1176 immedately. Their staff members will take that message and pass that on to whichever staff member is assigned to that issue.

    Anybody can call or email Congress or The White House and leave a message re ending slaughter. Believe me, that message has an effect whether you get a response or not. The more elected officials hear about an issue, the more they will notice the heat being applied.

    Calls and emails have a cumulative effect over time. You want to make them notice this issue and eventually get uncomfortable enough to act. Hammering Congress thru polite contacts produces the effect of a heads-up on an issue. The more that people call and email, the more likely this issue comes up as noteworthy, even in this time of total Congressional dysfunction and before a Presidential election.

    Very few people ever contact Congress regularly. Same for The White House. If more people called or emailed directly, we would move faster on this very important issue. Never wait for a response–just go ahead and make contact.

    Always remember, your voice matters and more than you may believe.

    (For The White House, just google that phrase and contact numbers and the email form will pop up under Contact. Takes about 2 minutes to write and send.)

  2. And Jerry, The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries is NOT the only horse rescue accreditation service/org in the US, and you have a lot of nerve insinuating that….the FACT is there is a far more authoritative accredidation service in this country called the Internal Revenue Service; THEY are the ones who make the decision whether a rescue is legitimate or not legitimate; NOT you or the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries …..for those of us who have applied, paid our fees, hired CPA’s, etc, and received our 501c3 status, you can stick it with The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries because we have to answer to the IRS and the State where we reside.
    Why we would associate ourselves with an organization and their members who are pro-control and anti-horse as evidenced by your writings in your article, we are actually still in the field rescuing horses even if it means buying from the kill buyer, and you telling people to stop donating to LEGITIMATE rescues that are in the field still rescuing horses shows exactly who you are….as far as we’re concerned, 5000 horses in the pipeline is a problem, however, even one more horse going to slaughter is one too many for true horse rescuers who are STILL out here rescuing and trying to keep horses off of trucks shipping out to slaughter on Wednesday.
    We don’t take donations to rescue horses “in general”, we accept donations to rescue specific horses whom are in imminent danger of shipping to slaughter (like the horses we’re rescuing in Fallon); I’m true this is true about most smaller rescue….your irresponsible comments have had the same effect as in the past; horses suffer and die.

    1. Debbie Richmond · ·

      Thanks, Laura, good posts. My own personal experience is that these “elitists” wear the same hat as their opponents in ways the general public will never care to investigate and open their eyes to; they harm, endanger and kill more horses than their purported pro slaughter opponents do by indirect means such as covertly and sometimes overtly discrediting smaller nonprofits for the almighty buck and the spotlight. I scratch off anyone in bed with HSUS and GFAS. Period.

      By the way, there are unconfirmed reports that horses are no longer in holding and slaughter has resumed; this may well have been a political move to artificially manipulate the market prices as well as part of a social engineering agenda. For me it’s an indicator that a shift toward a permanent ban is highly likely, and I hope that I’m right.

      I recommend people who have a clue watch the livestock auctions and what they do and don’t do.

      Great posts, Laura.

    2. SunnyGAday · ·

      Fighting among the rescues will not solve anything. I only have 2 OTTB saved from slaughterhouse killer buyers at New Holland 10 years ago. They will remain with us the rest of their lives. We also donate to other rescues. I feel you are going off the deep end. Kudos to you and other rescues!.

      1. I DON’T interact with other rescues and THIS is why…..we LOST most likely hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of donations for our ON-GOING rescue that began with the FALLON LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE kill sale last Tuesday, October 9th, so why everyone was thinking it was stopped, I kept telling people non-EU regulated countries were still consuming horse meat…and since you’re NOT the one that is having your heart broken by having been desperately trying to rescue horses (11 so far, and there are ONLY 3 of us working on this) with our own money and also some much appreciated donations, you can’t even imagine how frustrating it is when the “big” rescues say “stop donating to rescues unless they’re a member of such and such”

        Do me a favor Sunny, check out our website tonight because there will be a NEW video that I am heading over to the kill buyers to take right now…..MANY of those horses you will see in the video are being SHIPPED TO SLAUGHTER THIS WEDNESDAY because of irresponsible writings by some of the big rescues…..take a look at the faces in the video Sunny and then you tell me I’m “going off the deep end” when you imagine looking into their eyes as they are hanging upside down by a chain on their hindleg being butchered maybe alive, and then absorb the fact they are dead because we didn’t get enough donations because people were told to STOP donating to small rescues.

        http://www.thestarlightsanctuary.org to see the ones we will try to buy/rescue today, and many of the ones that will ship to slaughter on Wednesday.

  3. Very good article? On what planet is this a very good article where Mr. Finch effectively gets hundreds, if not thousands more horses slaughtered because he says this:
    “Please be aware and cautious when donating your money to any organization. In this situation, there will be a lot of scam artist popping up with heartbreaking stories of pipeline horses that “must be saved.” I cannot recommend enough that you deal only with equine organizations recognized, approved and accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, the only organization for accreditation of equine organizations in the United States.”

    I am out here in Nevada saying “there are horses shipping out of Fallon, Nevada this Wednesday bound for slaughter” but just because I’m not a member, approved and accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries I’m a scammer? REALLY? Well I have news for Jerry Finch; when I have the money that it would take to become approved and accredited by that org, I will spend it on rescuing, feeding and maintaining horses and it will NOT be going into some orgs coffers just because you say we should all be in that org……and about people who aren’t in that org possibly being scammers; I would invite you to come out to my ramshackle place and visit with ALL the horses here at our sanctuary that were slaughter bound but are living their lives out here until I can give them a dignified death by human euthanasia……these are the horses that NONE of the other rescues will take because they are old, or ugly, or have serious issues and can’t be ridden safely so cannot be “adopted” out (basically “sold” but rescues don’t say that because their 501c3 filing doesn’t really allow for selling and being a horse trader), or are lame, etc.

    So thanks alot Jerry, because your bullshit words have effectively stopped donations coming in (down to a mere trickle), so several mares that I couldn’t buy from the actual auction because they went through grouped in “lots” I now won’t be able to rescue/buy them from the kill buyer who bought them and they WILL ship to slaughter on Wednesday, October 17th….hope you sleep well at night, because now I won’t.

  4. Seems pretty fishy, for all i care. You think we,d have the right(s) to know about this huge issue? The (CFIA) site for Canada, states NOTHING! This should be published.

  5. Does anyone have any idea if any recognized governmental agency from the US, Canada or Mexico has confirmed this or issued any announcement of their own? Usually The White House issues emails re progress in ending US horses sent to slaughter.
    I checked with a reliable Canadian contact who is also skeptical. She has seen nothing.
    If there is any accurate, verifiable information, pls post. Thanks.

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