Ag Minister Ritz Out to Lunch Again

gerry ritz, listeria, tained meat, CFIAThis guy should have been booted from Canadian cabinet in 2008, with his bungling over the Maple Leaf listeria outbreak that killed at least 23 peopel.  But, he’s still there, just another reflection of the rise of mediocrity in Canada.

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  1. I am from the US and very ashame of the BLM and all their money games they play, they make me sick. Its starting to fill like communist, with our Govt and we cant do very much, some but not enough to help our horses.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Unfortunately for the Canadian PUBLIC, it is not a matter of if, but WHEN the Canadian PUBLIC is AGAIN put at RISK by the Corporate Food Industry, who thanks to HARPER is permitted to self regulate itself.[ GOD HELP US ALL] I would encourage ALL Canadians to take the time to watch a documentary called” FOOD INC.” , it CLEARLY SHOWS WHERE THE CORPORATE FOOD INDUSTRY PRIMARY INTERESTS LAY, “AND IT IS NOT WITH THE PUBLIC”
    As for the disfunctional CFIA , it is not hard to determine it is headed by a COMPLETE INCOMPITENT, G. RITZ.
    Remember the Maple Leaf food disaster where 23 people died from tainted meat?
    Now we have the potential XL disaster.
    Ritz should be fired and face CRIMINAL CHARGES.

  3. Mary Croft · ·

    This person is an irresponsible buffoon. The CFIA is about as trustworthy as the BLM in the U.S. (Bureau of Land Management).

  4. josiane de angelis · ·

    cessez le massacre

  5. Looks just like another idiot who enjoys screwing us all over every day.

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