Alberta needs to halt cull of our majestic wild horses

wild horses, Alberta
Wild horses stand on Parker Ridge near Sundre. Alberta officials have estimated that fewer than 700 horses are left in the wild. Photo by: Leah Hennel-Supplied Picture-Calgary Herald

The Wild Horses of Alberta Society is a non-profit group dedicated to saving our province’s free-roaming horses.

Wild horses have been a part of Alberta’s west country since the 1800s. These horses have evolved over the years, with natural selective breeding creating a gene pool distinct to Alberta.

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  1. meanwhile, the army is bombing the snot out of the countryside. Horses do very well without intervention of man. As do all animals. Get real. Leave the poor horses alone. I can’t believe the animal rights activists are not ALL over the cruelty of this event.
    I don’t understand the point of the slaughter. And don’t tell me the horses caused the grass to dry up. They look healthy and happy. Leave them alone. They are beautiful.

    1. Penny Vanier · ·

      This is ridiculous leave these creatures alone. I looked at the Alberta Plains and there is lots of food and the horses look great. For Gods sake leave Mother Nature alone

  2. Penny Vanier · ·

    Please we need to stop this slaughter of these horses, I am from Ontario but where I am from makes no difference. Please go to the web site Chincoteague island ponies. They have a annual roundup every year. Please just go and take a look at it. There is no reason why it can’t be done in Alberta. Thankyou Penny Vanier

  3. Jim Tourangeau · ·

    This not a cull of our wild horses…It is annilation to extinction..In one of the first counts of wild horses in Alberta , in 1965, we had over 26000 wild horses, included in that count were the Suffield Range horses..The Suffield horses were the last of Sitting Bulls horses that were left behind when he and his people went back to the USA to surrender..Look them up on goggle, they were not just wild horses ..They were the best of the Lakotas war horses bloodlines…There is only a few left of the original herds left owned by a few groups who could not let them go to slaughter…Now the Goverment of Alberta is annilating the last of the original wild horses in the foothills of our province. these are possibly the last of the true North American wild horse blood lines…all only for the gain of a couple horse trappers profits when they send them to slaughter…This annilation has to stop before they are totally extinct..DNA testing needs to be done to prove beyond a doubt the original blood lines of these horses are not just turned loose tame horses ….This line of Bull from our Goverment is stated that people turned these horses just that …a line of Bull..No one back in those days turned loose a valuable animal like a working horse ,especially back then…And not one of these horse show that they originate from draft horses…Them big draft crosses from yesteryear would never survive the first winter from deep snows, let alone the wolves or cougars…Send a email to your Wild Rose Goverment rep..tell them to help these horses..Danielle Smith is aware of this , she just needs to know how many more of us world wide are behind the wild horses and their plight against extinction…

  4. You begin to wonder just what goes through a persons mind when they hold the life and death of anything alive in their hands? You begin to wonder what if horses had never evolved on this planet? They can’t stand to know that there is a animal out there that the trappers, hunters can’t kill so the politicians is paid off under the table to allow it. This town has already lost more in disappointed tourists dollars than killing the horses will ever bring. Are people so greedy that they can’t see this? That is what is going on in the US with our Mustangs. They are being rounded up to extinction and locked up in holding pens and the taxpayer is forced to pay out millions of dollars every year for feed instead of the horses being left in the wild where they belong.

  5. when will we learn to leave mother nature and she will take care of the horses

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