Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Reaches Out to Help a Community

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Where the Whispers of Horses in Need are Heard

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue located in Hagersville, Ontario was founded by Brenda McArthur-Thompson in 2007.  Since that time, Whispering Hearts, on the list of Canadian Horse Defence Coalition approved horse rescues, has saved over 150 horses.

Brenda has her hands full with the care and rehabilitation of 50 abused, neglected and unwanted horses keeping them safe from the slaughter pipeline.  When you think of all the stress and worry that horse rescues endure, you must say to yourself, that’s more than enough for most.  But for Brenda, her worry goes above and beyond the call of duty, as she reaches out to help a community help their animals.

While Brenda’s rescue is located in Haldimand County, Ontario, neighbouring Norfolk County, sadly, does not have sufficient animal welfare coverage to be able to deal effectively with the community’s needs.  Brenda has been called upon time and time again to help horses within Norfolk County.  She has made it her mission to try to educate the decision makers from the Mayor to the Council members that their county’s animals need more from them.

Although Brenda does not live in this community, she is there to help when there is need.  Recently, Brenda gave her second presentation to the Mayor and Council members of Norfolk County and we hope this time that they were listening and learned from Brenda’s recommendations.

Thank you, Brenda, for taking your love of the horse into a commitment that can affect a whole community and will assist large and small animals.

The channels of animal welfare organizations can be confusing so we would like to share with you Brenda’s presentation which covers the different structures of provincial organizations for animal welfare in Ontario and which details the short-fall in Norfolk County.

Brenda has taken the time to help a community even when her horse rescue is in need.  Due to the hay shortage and high hay prices, any donations from hay to doallrs would be greatly appreciated. PLUS, there are some beautiful horses ready for adoption.  Here’s an opportunity to give back to the people who are giving so much!

Thanks again, Brenda, for all that you do!


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Gracie on arrival at Whispering Hearts

The story of Gracie, a mare who Brenda rescued in August 2009, is especially tragic as, despite the concerted efforts to save her, Gracie did not survive her ordeal.  However, she died peacefully and with dignity at Whispering Hearts surrounded by people who loved her.  RIP, Gracie.

Gracie’s heartbreaking story can be seen here


  1. And thank you, Marie, for all you do.

  2. Brenda is my friend. I was part of Gracie’s rescue. I saw first-hand the pain and suffering of Gracie and Brenda’s sacrifice. My friend needs help feeding her rescued horses this winter. Due to no fault of her own, she is a hard working fundraiser for her horses, army worms wiped out her 35 acre hay field – not fair! I know we ask so much of our horse welfare advocates, but again the horses need your help. Please find it in your heart to assist Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue with either hay or a financial contribution. Thank You!
    I adopted a horse named “Johnny” from Brenda 3 years ago September 20th. Johnny is the spark of my heart. Give today, if you can, so tomorrow this rescue can save the horse of your dreams. Our equine rescues give horses a chance for a forever home – we need to help them.
    TODAY I, Marie Dean, WILL DONATE $100 TOWARDS A HORSE RESCUE “Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue” – to help ensure the safety and health of a horse – in memory of Gracie and a thank you for Johnny.
    Thank you Brenda for all you do! Love to you always.

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