Baby boomers take to riding atop gaited horses and with special equipment

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After almost 10 years of riding, Monica Barber easily manages low jumps – Carola Vyhnak / Toronto Star

by Carola Vyhnak
Special to the Star

With a leg up from an old wooden chair, Monica Barber swings into the saddle and off to the races, or at least the paces, as she and black mare Nicki move through the walk, trot, canter and low jumps at the Clarington facility where she takes weekly lessons.

Barber is 59.  She’s battled through hip replacement surgery, breast cance and arthritis – all since taking up riding 10 years ago.

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  1. wietrich jeannine · ·

    contre la maltraitances des cheveaux

  2. These may be some of the very people that could help stop horses being sent to slaughter if enough of them knew about it. I don’t live in Canada but it would be worth a shot to inform them about what could be in the future for the horses they are riding now.

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