Horses put down as industry declines

Veterinarian and breeder Garth Henry is planning to inject a humane overdose of a barbiturate – tentobarbitol – into the jugular veins of five of his nine broodmares. His mares – “my girls,” he calls them – range in age from 14 to 20 and could live longer than 30 years. The drug will arrest their heartbeats in two minutes or less.

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  1. John Sorenson · ·

    Yes, killing them by injection is “better” than sending them to the slaughterhouse but I see no need to issue commendations to this person. He is in the horse-breeding business to make money and when he’s not making enough, he makes a business decision to dispose of them. When animals are turned into commodities, this is the predictable result.

  2. For those who posted negative comments, think before you speak. At least this vet thought enough of his horses to euthanize them and not send them to slaughter where most of the unwanted horses will end up. Slaughter at the processing plant will be a horrible, fearful death. At least when euthanized they go down so peacefully. When I had to put down my old quarter horse he still had a mouthful of grass….so much more humane…..kudos to this vet.

    It is the horse racing industry, as a whole, that caused all these problems, but on the positive side at least with the government removing the subsidy, maybe, just maybe, once all the dust settles, breeders and trainers will be more discriminate in their breeding practices.

  3. Diane Symons · ·

    He murdered his horses … unless they were sick or going to slaughter there is no reason to do this it is murder.

  4. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    This is only going to get worse. I know this is wrong; but at least thy won’t have to endure the horror of the slaughter house. I am sad for these horses and their owner. It is a shame that Canada has no long range plan for what is happening due to the legislation regarding the partnership between the slots casinos and the track. Shame on them.

  5. jean robertson · ·

    Much more humane to euthanize these mares than to send them to auction where they would either be bought by a kill buyer or someone that would breed them.

  6. gloria eighmey · ·

    MUCH better then sending to slaughtor. Shows some respect for them and doesn’t help perpetuate more over breeding by making money from selling for slaughtor. And it is much more caring and humane. Dying Peacefully right there at the farm where they live . With out the fear and panic of the slaughterhouse blood. Or repeated camptive bolts to render them uncounsious. And some times regaining consiousness as they are hanging and being bleed out.With fear and knowing impending death. Or the terrible shipping to the slaughterhouse. Yes it would be nice if he could simply care for them the rest of there life. But a DEATH BY EITHER GUN IN THE FOREHEAD OR EUTHINATION RIGHT AT THE HORSES HOME HOPEFULLY AS THEY ARE ENJOYING A BIG BUCKET OF GRAIN IS TO BE COMMENDED BY ME. And NO PROFIT to the slaughtor market is SO important. Or More horses will always be bred to fill the profit of the slaughter market. I COMMEND HIM.

    1. Leslie Sodaro · ·

      i agree 1000 percent. those who think this is horrendous need only to think of the alternatives: abandonment or worse, slaughterhouse. i wish more folks thought like you. there is NO forever home w/lots of pastures for most horses.

  7. cath hurwood · ·

    most of these folks are interested in one thing – money – they cry crocodile tears. Does this man keep all the young horses that don’t make the grade – terribly unlikely….does he keep all the ones that are no longer capable of racing – terribly unlikely. No some one else gets to deal with his cast offs – the auctions, the slaughterhouses or worse. At least this time he seems to be doing the dirty deed himself. Good riddance to the fowl racing industry!

  8. So, did this vet not take the Hippocratic Oath to “first do the patient no harm?” Or is his preference the “Hippocritic Oath” – lie, cheat, steal, and make money; do unto others and split before they catch you. “I’m bored with my horse – kill it.” nice guy. Me: “I’m bored with this vet … 😉 “

  9. SunnyGAday · ·

    Now that he’s sucked the last penny out of these mares down they go! How can he call himself a vet? I thought they were taught to do no harm? Better than to send off to slaughter and that’s exactly were the mare would end up from any auction.

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