New Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard for Canada!

There are plans for another anti horse slaughter billboard in Canada!  Angel Acres has started the Chip-In for this new billboard which will be located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  You can check out the location here  

Please contribute what you can and SHARE OUT!


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Fantastic”, unfortunate it could not have been located in CLOSE proximity to the Parliament Bldg., within view of Canada,s first DICTATOR office, after all Ritz is incapable of having iniated this BARBARIC INDUSTRY in Canada without the DICTATORS blessing, and guidance. I guess this BARBARIC industry is part and parcel of his Jobs, Growth and Prosperity iniative. Lets hope he does not become aware of the demand for our family pets in countries such as China ,Phillipines and Korea, as he is not beneath seeing them sold by the pound, as part of Canadas Jobs, Growth and Prosperity plan as well

    1. Yes, Ontario needs at least 4 of these Stop Slaughtering Us billboards right now. OTTAWA, for sure Dennis but also OLEX deserves one close by, then there’s the GTA, with horsepeople shipping their VALUE4MONEY PRODUCT. Lastly, another good old auction location again, such as CARSONS. Maybe the Ontario locations would qualify for a price break from Pattison.

  2. Michelle Storace · ·

    this makes me SOOO HAPPY 🙂 🙂

  3. Yes, this is terrific but it can only happen with YOU, the advocates support. So, c’mon, everybody! Let’s throw our support behind this great effort!

  4. ABOUT TIME!!!!

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