Bates Bar J Ranch Herd Dispersal sale – Cochrane Alberta


Bates Bar J Ranch Herd Dispersal Sale 144 HORSES!!! (inc. 40 foals and many older trail horses)

Saturday, Sep 22 North of Cochrane, Alberta

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  1. Interesting. Are there no horse rescues at all in all of Canada? Is it not possible for these incompetent breeders and biz owners to plan anything? The U S has some rescues and if these wealthy individuals can find a way to transport them and help with the feed and vet bills, a rescue might be williing to take these innocent and at-risk animals in to place out for adoption.
    We have these incidents here in the US all the time and I am stunned to find that absolutely no breeders or owners ever have a backup plan or any resources to work with.
    In U S dispersals, the usual threat and emotional blackmail is to claim that all the horses will be killed unless we all ante up. What other business does this? As a result, why should anyone support these wealthy people? Now all of us have to rush and volunteet to save their horses they made a ton of money on.
    As long as slaughter exists as an out, every equine life is at risk and all of us have to jump and take care of other’s problems. There are people here in the U S trying to survive without any health care and any housing as a result of 2000-2008. Asking them to care about ending slaughter is nearly impossible. Their own lives are in shambles as a result of 2000-2008.
    I will post this on social media but my expectations of any immediate help are very small. Slaughter gives the uenthical an out. Kill buyers will show up and some of these horses will die horrifically for no reason.
    This situation is heartbreaking. When do voters finally figure out that slaughter has to be forced to end? When do numbers and logic matter to voters in the U S and elsewhere?
    Every day, the innocent are betrayed and die for no reason except fast cash. What kind of society allows this to continue?
    Bills HB2966 and S1176 need passage immediately

    1. jean robertson · ·

      The owners must have known they were going to retire so why did they breed 40 mares for 2012 ??
      Farm and horse magazines are full of production sales coming up with no thought as to where all the horses will go. An outfit from Alberta is dumping their herd at a local auction here in B.C. It happens every fall and they sell for hardly enough to pay the transportation.
      Rescues are full and can’t take in every foal or horse that some thoughtless breeders continue to breed not caring whether they go for slaughter or not.

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