2 day horse sale – Tofield, Alberta Sep 22 – 23

Here we go again…nice that they brag about what they’re getting per pound. 

Regular monthly horse sale at Beaver Hill Auctions – Tofield on Saturday, September 22nd & 23rd, 2012.


 Saturday, Sept. 22nd –  10:30 am – Selling a large selection of tack and saddles – both new and used           (Saddle brands include Billy Cook, F Eamore, Blue River, etc.)  Also selling new Priefert panels and a new 24′ 4Star aluminum stock trailer.

                              –  2 pm  –  Selling Saddle Horses

                              –  3 pm  –  Selling all registerd stock including a production sale for Chesla Quarter Horses, production sale for Pattison Quarter Horses, Production sale for Windy Lane Quarter Horses, and a production sale for R-Diamond Paint Horses.  In all about 80 hd of weanlings, yearlings, two year-olds, and brood mares.

Chesla Catalogue – http://www.beaverhillauctions.com/images/cms/Chesla_Sale_Catalogue.pdf

Pattison Catalogue – http://www.beaverhillauctions.com/images/cms/Pattison_Colt_Sale_Catalogue_2012.pdf

 Sunday, Sept. 23rd    – 10:30 am – Selling all loose horses.  (Loose horses can be dropped off all day Saturday and then -7:30 am to 10 am Sunday).  This sale will move along very fast allowing you to drop a horse off in the morning and head out the door with your cheque shortly after noon.

 Saturday & Sunday October 27th & 28th – same format as above but in the registered stock section at 3 pm Saturday, we will be selling 80 head for Larry Chick Quarter Horses including 15 well-broke saddle horses, and a good selection of weanlings, yearlings, 2 year olds and brood mares.

 Go to http://www.beaverhillauctions.com  for more information.

 Have a horse to sell? Why take them anywhere else with our top-selling prices over the last six months being: Top-selling gelding for $4,950

                                              Top-selling team for $7,800

                                              Top floor prices last 6 sales (Feb.,Mar.,Apr) at $.65/lb – May, June & July sales as high as $.63/lb

 Our big screen TV’s are working great, showing off videos of the saddle horses while we sell them.  If you make a video of your horse, email it to us so we can showcase theses horses on our big screeens ALL day long.

 Selling a good selection of new and used saddles, tack and hay as well as a large selection of horses on offer including minis, donkeys, weanlings, yearlings, horses of any breed, broke, unbroke and teams.

 Tack starts selling at 10:30 am and horses start approx. 2 pm.

Phone 780-662-9384 or go to http://www.beaverhillauctions.com



  1. Linda Redman · ·

    Like I said I wouldn’t want to be a quarter horse in Canada these days – this sounds like a real liquidation. It makes me sick that these brood mares and weanlings will probably go to auction. I talked to Doug who runs the auction and he was really full of BS

  2. All of these horses are the result of greed and over breeding. The brood mares are kept in foal their entire lives and now most of them will end up slaughtered as will most of their offspring which is the two year old’s, and all young horses over 6 months old. The same thing is happening in the US. The Quarter horses are the largest number found on the slaughter trucks and in the pipeline.

  3. Linda Redman · ·

    If you want to find out why they advertise a “per pound” price – call Doug @ 780-777-4540. He told me that that is to establish the “floor price”. When I asked him why anyone except a slaughter buyer would want to know the price per pound – he told me that I am uneducated. Right.

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  5. Michelle Storace · ·


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