Thousands of racehorses face slaughter: Not so fast Canada

THOUSANDS of racehorses face slaughter in Canada. This issue is making headlines usually with the number 13,000 attached to it.

These horses may face death, but they cannot be slaughtered. I will tell you why in a minute.

Please read the complete article from Tuesday’s Horse here


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Lets not forget this is a provincial issue, and the McGuinty Govt. is” WELL AWARE”, that had they imposed regulations as it regards BREEDERS, this situation may not have been as severe. It is no secret to those in or out of the HORSE world that BREEDERS are directly responsible for the OUTRAGEOUS NUMBERS of Foals, many of which never see a race track, but instead SHAMEFULLY provide a steady stream of young healthy HORSES for Quebec, and Alberta BARBARIC slaughter houses, better described as Canadas SHAMEFULL HOUSE OF HORRORS, compliments of the likes of those such as Ritz,Menzies, Redford and lets not forget the worst that a civilized society has to offer C. Bouvry.
    Premier McGuinty,you are in disfavour with more of the PUBLIC than you realize, you should realize slaughter IS NOT AN OPTION, Impose regulation on BREEDERS NOW, so that in the future this does not happen.

  2. I am not sure getting them to slaughter which sickens me will be as easy as some folks think.
    Each thoroughbred that is born bred and registered in Canada has a number tattooed inside of his upper lip to confirm who the horse is.
    It is checked and verified when horses enter and exit of any racetrack as well as on race day.
    Hopefully that will give powers that be in prov govt some food for thought as well. They will be very trackable and should be so no one can dispute or whitewash what this decision will have done.
    if it not reviewed and revised by phasing out funding etc over time from slots.

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