Stolen horse update:

UPDATE ALERT!!! Please share widely!!!
Please read below: horse thief could dye or paint the stolen horse’s (Appaloosa) white markings or bleach some areas of the horse so that he is unrecognizable!

Message from Shahram Pahlavan, Owner of stolen horse ( 9-year old, Appalooa  gelding) in the Laurentians (Quebec).  Horse stolen Sept. 1, 2012.

“As it stands right now, all slaughter houses, auction houses, US Border and Customs Services, Ontario and Quebec Provincial Police forces have all been alerted and border services are keeping a vigilant eye on any and all crossings of horses from east to west of the country.

The entire horse community from here to British Columbia and eastward and right south across North America is on high alert. It is a tightly knit community regardless of the form or type of passion one has, therefore whom ever has this horse will not get too far.

People need to be reminded that someone may attempt to offload this hot item horse quickly under disguise. It is somewhat of common practice in less reputable equine circles, to dye or bleach horses in attempts to mask or enhance markings for better profit or perhaps unlawful sale.

For anyone wanting to help, we ask that any potential horse buyers be very vigilant in examining the animal for signs of tampering as well as to spot the left hind leg for a pronounced scar.

More detail may be found on by type the file #NR001720 in the “Search” bar at the top right of the screen on the home page and it will bring then right to the post.

They can also use Kijiji Montreal and search for Ad ID #409830514. We ask that any and all suspicions and tips please be reported as soon as possible to any of the contacts provided.

Please remind the public that all information will remain confidential with utmost consideration to the sensitive repercussions in the horse world.”

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