Premier to blame horses slaughtered: Tory MPP

Thousands could be euthanized if race industry collapses

Monte McNaughton, a PC MPP, tore into the Liberals this week at Queen’s Park and placed the blame at Dalton McGuinty’s feet for thousands of horses which could be headed to the slaughterhouse in the event of a horse racing industry collapse inOntario.

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  1. Elizabeth · ·

    Good Day Canadian Editor!
    I am an American and I know that this may not sit well to write a letter to a Canadian Newspaper however I am a Northern New Yorker and I believe that being a rescue paramedic in NYS may give me a minute with you. I read the article about the horses being killed in Canada and you stated the politics and emotions of the issue from your view. I would like to express mine and do it with all respect for my Canadian grandparents (Lallier). Here is how it happens in the States that no one wants you to know. (“It’s our dirty little secret”).
    BUYING The people who go around and buy up older, sick, unwanted or unaffordable horses do not check anything; just buy the horse usually under $100 if you can believe it. They often buy family pets and the conversation also contains “to a better home”, sort of the same as “you look sexy in that car”. It has no reference to the fact that this is a business and the goal is to buy or sell a product with money in mind.
    If the killer buyer cannot gather enough horses for the trailer, he goes to the auctions in Unadilla Springs NY or New Holland PA. The PA auction has Amish who bring in the older and sick Belgium because they don’t use vets not even for worming (use their own method of have the horses force drink turpentine in molasses). The old, sick or lame are also mixed in with Belgium yearlings that are the size of 2 standard horses in weight. Now all these horses are put in pens. This is where the ribbons, notes, bandages etc are all taken off. There is a box in the auction house. It has ribbons and notes telling the new owner that the pony or horse like carrots and where you can call if you decide you don’t want the horse. It is the evidence of the lies. Horses that are lame get a shot of Bute so that they make it into the ring and out. Besides it is easier to get the horse onto the trailer. Next the paperwork is checked to see if the horse had a Coggins shot in the last 90 days and surprisingly everyone has

    TRAILERS.After gathering as many horses, ponies and sometimes pregnant and/or nursing foals , the buyer known as the kill buyer (which is honestly what he is, a buyer to kill horses) collects the horses somewhere. Some horses are stolen horses and many can be wild horses with BLM tattooed on them with the skin cut out up near the mane in a square. If the killer buyer has enough (40 to 50) horses then he loads the horses in a standing open trailer or an old 2 Decker cow trailer (illegal now – breaks horses necks on top tier) and heads for the border to Canada. The Killer drivers have not stopped to water or feed the horses as it is pretty much the custom as “Why would you feed or water anything you are going to kill?” The transporting can be up to 36 hours swaying back and forth, braking and turning in blood and feces conditions. The reasons may be Canada may be closer, have less hassle or has a contract with the horse killing meat plant. Some plants award bid contracts for 50,000 horses a year so they really don’t care where these horses come from or how the killer buyer got them. The driver shocks the horses to get the horses to stand up at the border for a foot count. The vet looks in, looks at the paperwork and as long as the horses appear standing it seems ok.

    Slaughter. If you have ever been around a horse you know they are not cattle. Most cattle will let you walk near them. A horse tries to run, jump, and kick to get away. If a horse smells blood, yelling, electric prods or other horses “crying -yelling-snorting or whatever” it reacts in a panic. This is the circumstances under which these mixed together sick, lame, or yes and thoroughbreds hopped up on any drugs thrown in the mix, are sent to the Canadian slaughter houses. At this point the horses are hit, beaten; electric prodded anything to get them into the kill box. The next step is to hit them in the head with a “Stun Bolt” made to knock the horse unconscious or 1 shot from a 22 caliber gun. That is the legal definition of a humane kill. Just by numbers of over 400 horses a day in 10 horse kill factories there may be a problem. As a fighting horse will not hold still and to keep from holding up the line several shots may have to use. If a horse turns its head, its eye is shot out. You get the picture. The reason for the small caliber is not to kill but to stun so the horse can be hoisted up alive until the heart bleeds out the blood during the opening of the gutting. Yes a foal may fall out but that’s dog food.

    I double dog dare you Mr. Editor to do 2 things in the name of free press.
    Publish my letter and go to the Horse Slaughter House and take pictures of 8 hours of the horses being slaughtered and publish them. These horsescould have been put down in a pasture with a shot of barbiturates and the body rendered to zoo meat ($250 cost), or donated to a rescue or adoption center. Food banks for hay are also available as are foster homes where you can rent your horse out for riding .

    The meat is diseased with cancer, drugs, worms and a ton of shit particularly the thoroughbreds off the race track and you want to believe this is just an emotional issue up by Americans?

    Quite the opposite: The US is selling Canadians poisoned meat for money. How do you put that on a billboard?

    “Stop Slaughtering Us”

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Why wouldn’t you be able to write to a Canadian newspaper? These people need to hear from our friends in the U.S. Only by seeing how horse slaughter affects people on both sides of the border can they see why it must be shut down. Please continue to let the Canadian press know how you feel. We, here in Canada do!

  2. Please email Monte McNaughton PC MPP and let him know that racehorse and slaughter is illegal, remember Canada, no banned drugs are allowed in food animals. Then why would racehorses be even considered for slaughter (government and industry term is euthanasia) as a food animal. We are such a ridiculous country – we do not even practice what we preach. I just sent this MPP this blog article and said thank you for informing Canada that racehorses DO go for slaughter and that Canada IS selling tainted horsemeat. http://​canadianhorsedefencecoaliti​​22/​horsemeat-a-delicacy-to-die​-for

    1. I sent good ole MONTE, a email, he is a sick person.

  3. I would like to know why the media keeps referring to the end of these horses as euthanization when it is slaughter? To me, there is a huge difference between the two.

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