Stolen horse – Laurentian Mountains, Quebec area

FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please post this entire alert with the link everywhere you can find to help these victims. Thank you! Stolen Horse Report Canada: Cash, 9 yr old Bay/white Appaloosa gelding stolen from farm in St Jerome County Quebec 9/1/2012.

 Please help us by sharing this alert, PRINTING A FLYER AND POSTING in your community (Cash could be anywhere in CAN or USA) and asking your friends to do the same.  Please click on following web link for more details:

SVP vérifiez les encans pour le cheval volé et tous les endroits où nous trouvons des chevaux!!!!    À PARTAGER!!!!

Please look out for this stolen horse at the Lachute or other auctions or anywhere else where there are horses!!!!   PLEASE CIRCULATE!!!!


J’offre une récompense très belle (1000 $) pour toute personne qui est en mesure de trouver ce cheval. Il nous a été volé la nuit dernière avec deux selles. Si vous avez des infos s’il vous plaît contacter votre service de police local et les informer qu’il ya un rapport volée faite par le propriétaire du cheval dans les Laurentides avec la SQ et s’il vous plaît contacter le propriétaire au 514-518-4937    24/7.

Rapport SQ # 540-120901-008 agent Sylvain Demeul (13054) @ 450-224-8922 ou 310-4141
sylvain.demeule @…Merci!

I’m offering a very nice reward ($1000) for any person who is able to find this horse. He was stolen from us last night along with two saddles. If you have any info please contact your local police and inform them that there is a stolen report made by the owner of the horse in the Laurentides with the SQ and please contact the owner at 514-518-4937 24/7.
SQ Report# 540-120901-008 Agent Sylvain Demeul (13054) @ 450-224-8922 or 310-4141….Thank you

Les détails concernant le cheval volé ce trouve ici:
Details on the stolen horse can be found here:


  1. I wish you all the best…keep checking at sale barns, auctions and feedlots…you never know where he will end up. He is a beautiful horse.

  2. Too bad, the horse is beautiful, i wish them lots of luck.

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