Putting Horsemeat on the Table – Canadian Influences and Enablers

For some time now,  after seeing the Infographic created by Republic of Horse  – “Slaughter:  Industry Influences on Government,”  I have known that we needed a similar graphic to represent those influencers and enablers in Canada. 

While some of the associations that have been mapped out in the following Canadian infographic do not directly enable horse slaughter,  they are complicit in that they are silent against the practice.  At the very least they seem intent on preserving the status quo and ignoring the very real threats created not only by horse slaughter,  but by the power of Big-Ag lobbyists and governments who are willing to be influenced by them and their client base.



  1. Fabulous flowchart! Look closely and see how YOU may be a “member” of what you thought was a horse welfare organization i.e. Equine Canada and Ontario Equestrian Federation. Send them this flowchart and ask them why they are pro slaughter. Ask them to stand up for the horse at its most vulnerable time! You are a member, your voice is important to them. Your voice is important for the horse!

  2. These people are the reason that for the past 10 years any and all bills sent to congress have never made it out of committee. This is the rat pack that would like nothing better than to have the cattle ranchers in the business of raising horses for slaughter along with their cows so all of the rat packers can line their pockets with the blood money from the killing of our horses. I apologize to the rats.

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