North America’s Century of Shame – A White Paper by Allen Warren

After a century of shame, it is time in North America to stop loving our horses to death but for a lifetime.

By Allen Warren
Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc.,
Poulsbo, Washington state, USA

Please read this important paper here


  1. Together it can be done, pulling together, it can be done, great report, and i will share with many.

  2. Suzanne Moore · ·

    That was an excellent report, Allen. I first saw it on Jerry Finch’s Habitat for Horses. I’ve re-blogged and shared links to it all over. I consider your report a “must read.”

  3. Shelley from CHDC · ·

    Yes, well done Allen – the historical facts are unknown or forgotten by many. By bringing the equine’s history with modern mankind back into the light, we’re all provided with a good, solid reality check. Horses were never a source for food, and it remains that way today. Pro-slaughter proponents continue to try to change history’s true account, but your paper lays the truth out again, as a reminder where we’ve always stood, and will continue to stand, regarding horses as companions, not a food source for humans.

  4. chris1055 · ·

    I agree with the White Paper and have sent a congressman the suggestion to reclassify equines from livestock to companion/sport animals. In addition the USDA and the BLM should no longer have jurisdiction over equines, but an agency not beholden to special interests needs to look after equine welfare both wild and domestic. This agency needs strength to stand up to the forces, however. How do we accomplish as a group so it comes true?

  5. I consider it a privilege to have played a small part in the final draft of Allen Warren’s impressive White Paper. Allen has written an incredible report, filled with historic facts that many of us would not have thought to attribute to the horse advocacy movement that is so much a part of our lives today. He has woven that history into a logical, plausible piece of writing that addresses players on both sides of the horse slaughter battle and challenges them to follow the right path for the sake of all horses – no matter which side of the border they happen to call home.
    Well done, Allen. CHDC is honored to work with you, and proud to present Horse Harbor Foundation as our first qualified U.S. horse rescue center.

  6. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Fabulous paper with information on historical facts that everyone involved in the fight against horse slaughter needs to know. I agree with the summation, that the only real way to end the slaughter industry is to change the nomenclature of the horse from livestock to companion animals. Then it is up to Breeders and Owners alike to not only make lifetime commitments to these animals; but to also not make an initial investment that you cannot follow up on. Lastly, if the only avenue open to you is to end a horses life, then do so humanely by euthanizing the animal in the least painful way to limit the suffering in ending a life that so enhanced your own. That is what puts the humane into humanity.

  7. To my fellow nonprofit horse rescue sanctuary operators across the United States, you will see in the footnote at the bottom of this posting that Horse Harbor Foundation has become the first U.S. equine rescue facility to join the Canadian Horse Defense Coaltion. We took this unusual step for several reasons. One, as this paper indicates, we believe that ending horse slaughter must be a cooperative effort between Canada and the U.S., because as long as it is allowed in one country horses from the other will die also. Secondly, CHDC is the only umbrella equine advocacy organization in North America that I am aware of that qualifies its rescue centre members before allowing them to join, and then supports them with real services afterwards. I knew that Horse Harbor’s name would be listed only with other legitimate rescue organizations on the CHDC membership roster and not some of the shakey and downright crooked so-called rescues that plague our sanctuary community today. This is also why we so strongly support the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries accreditation and verification program for equine rescues and were one of the first in the country to seek and earn recognition by that organization. The third reason we decided that we wanted to be a CHDC member is that this is an organization that acts, not just talks. We are not going to win the battle against equine slaughter sending out press releases. I have also been highly impressed by the spirit of oneness and cooperation between its volunteer officers, board members and general membership across all of Canada without the petty arguments, rivalries, backstabbing and other detrimental things that go on in so many of our groups here in The States. They understand we exist to represent the horses and the horses only, not our own selfish interests. I’ve also found CHDC to be the single best source for the actual facts in breaking news and opinion about all aspects of equine advocacy both in Canada and here in the U.S., without all the hyperbole, name calling and sensationalism that so many groups seem to find necessary.

    And my final reason is personal. Back last December when I broke the news that Bouvry Exports planned to reopen an old horse slaughter plant here in Washington state, some of the so-called horse welfare organizations in the U.S.not only ignored me, but actually worked behind the scenes to discount my informaton and say I had made it up. This made absolutely no sense, because even had I been wrong, at the very least bringing this to the attention of residents of my state was an opportunity to educate the public here about the horrors of equine slaughter. You can imagine how these anti-advocates felt when Laura Allen of the Animal Law Coalition confirmed my report of Bouvry’s intent by determining through the public disclosure laws that they had requested and been sent an meat inspection application for the plant here back in January. Those naysayers have been strangely quiet since then as expected and have never even reported this development to their membership. However, Sinikka Crosland, CHDC’s excutive director and my neighbor to the north in British Columbia, responded immediately back in December with an offer to help us stop the threat because she lives with the brutality and carnage of Bouvry in her country every day and knows what they are capable of. Sinikka, who operates a sanctuary herself and is one of us in practice as well as spirit, also provided invaluable insight, research and the final editing job on this White Paper. I am proud to be her partner both for this paper and now as a member of what I consider North America’s elite equine welfare organization. Allen Warren, Horse Harbor Foundation

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