Caleche Horse in Old Montreal concerns advocates

From the Anti-Caleche Coalition!/anticalechedefensecoalition

This is a detailed explanation of what’s wrong in this photo by Dene Stansall

 Horse Consultant

 “The poor old mare isn’t what you would call thin; her muscle development isn’t correct. Her ribs are showing due to three factors:

 (1) overwork, (2) the gait (walk) of the horse has been compromised due to being harnessed, (3) the girth strap (under her belly behind her front legs) looks far too tight causing her ribs to spring.

Aside from this there are other welfare factors to consider:

 (4) most obvious, this is a hot day and the horse has no shade or sign of having access to water whilst the driver is touting for business (which can lead to heat exhaustion – in some cases standing still can be is worse than moving)

 (5) the horse will not be able to have a natural diet through the daytime – her plump belly is a consequence and stomach ulcers are likely to develop

 (6) the harness needs adjusting correctly – it’s all sitting far too low

 (7) the shafts look far too long or the horse is too small for the carriage (difficult to see from this picture)

(8) there is a rubber band on her off-fore pastern

(9) the lazy driver has left the halter (head collar) on under the bridle, this must be most uncomfortable for the horse wearing two sets of headgear

 (10) importantly, due to postural adaptations (because she’s attached to the carriage all day) the horse’s neck muscles are weak as she’s not allowed to lift and round her back in a stretched position. This not only puts her on the forehand but prevents her hind limbs from moving far enough forward underneath her to use the correct muscles to propel her own weight (and the carriage) forward. As a consequence to compensate we see the overuse of the hamstring (semitendinosus) muscles which run down the side of the tail become overdeveloped – a sure sign not all is right with the horse.”

This little old girl is a good example as to why these dreadful horse drawn tourist carriages should be banned.


  1. There are two petitions for the Montreal horses. You can find them on this page Please read, sign and share. Thank you!

  2. 2fasthorses · ·

    We need to outlaw carriages! Especially the amnish!

  3. Heather · ·

    Let’s start a petition such as the one in New York City and get these horses off the streets. Do you think there are enough people in Montreal and Quebec City that will demonstrate and get the message across? If anyone is interested here is the web site for NYC. There are great testimonials that state that losing the horse carriage industry will not hurt tourism.

  4. Lana Marie · ·

    I think everyone on here, in Canada need names/ph.numbers/emails addy etc. to the so called ‘powers’ that be in Quebec. It is way past the time for updated & enforced ANIMAL CRUELTY laws. Who do we contact? We need advocates in Quebec to give us the horrific situations & get this cleaned up? Too far fetched…..?

    1. We are a lot here in Quebec fighting to change things. I most say we get the door slamed in our face. The “authority” supreme I may add, is MAPAQ (Ministère de l’agriculture, des pêcherie et de l’alimentation du Québec) and they could not care less. If I was rich, I would take them to court for animal negligence, because that is what they do. By the way, if you want to help my cause to save neglected horses, please visit, sign and share (in French, sorry). That will help lots. Thank you.

      1. Heather · ·

        If you could write a petition in English that would really help as there are a lot of people that don’t read or write in French that would love to help your cause.

  5. Dorothy Evans · ·

    Where would the Humane Society be,they must check on the carriage horses,I know they do here in Nova Scotia.Please send this to Quebec SPCA,they have the best bylaw in Canada for animal abuse and also to City Hall. Thank you Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:46:05 +0000 To:

  6. Pamela Edwards · ·

    She deserves to be retired and live a better life.

  7. Kathy, you don’t want to know. The province of Québec is a paradise for animal abusers. It is so difficult to get the authorities moving on cases that not only the abusuers actions are criminel, but the inaction from authorities are too.

    That being said, I may be able to build a bridge between the coalition and myself. Some of you know that I have been working to save neglected horses and other animals that used to be located on ïle d’Orleans and were recently moved to Beauce, a region South of Québec. Around 20 horses died of malnutrition, thirst, lack of care between fall of 2010 to May of this year. You would hope that the owner of those horses would stop acquiring horses since she can’t properly provide for their basic care. Sadly, horses keep pouring in, eluding authorities who would find on the premises very thin animals but normal horses.

    From the owner herself, who does who can’t afford the cost of buying a horse, we know that the horses coming in are from a carriage company, most likely in the region of Quebec City but I do not exclude that they may be coming from Montreal. They would be retirees who would have been sent to slaughter.

    If anyone can help me find out who would be the provider of these horses, please contact me private. Thank you.

  8. Where or where are the humane societies in the cities where these poor creatures are located. It’s not like they’re hidden from view? In the US, the ASPCA on a national level, solicits funds non-stop, yet we see evidence of this type of abuse right in front of our eyes with no
    ASPCA intervention…what gives?

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