Video – Knoxville Livestock Auction – August 11, 2012

Witnessed at the Knoxville Livestock Auction on August 11, 2012. Over 600 horses were run through this auction tonight.


  1. jean robertson · ·

    Sugar Creek and Leroy Baker were finally charged so maybe this place will be next.

  2. G Faulkner · ·

    the way to combat auctions is to llisten for news of large sales such as this one, then rally the troops and descend upon it, they will have to house and feed all those horses not being sold that night. also bring in the news, its only going to change the more its put in front of the families at home, in front of their TVs. also, educate your young people the NEW voters. etc. yes, there is a time of reckoning coming, and when it arrives? I personally will have no sympathy for the Neanderthals doing these Horrific acts.. Geoff

  3. Janice Brown · ·

    I didn’t have the time to compose a letter to this auction (I have horses and other animals of my own and I’m cutting hay.) but I did send a reply via their site. It’s absolutely disgusting what people do. I believe that as more of the world finds out what is being done not only to horses but to other living beings and to the planet itself, the more that decent people will stand up and say, “Enough is enough!” And these people will do something about it. Why should these awful people get to do whatever they want, when they want? It’s not right. This is what I sent via the auction’s form:

    I saw the video of your “horse auction” on Saturday, August 11, 2012 which was sent to me via a link in an email. The way that you treat these poor horses is absolutely disgusting! Sooner or later, the rest of the world will know what you are doing and you won’t be able to hide or justify it. The Internet is a great tool to out people like you. You should be ashamed of yourselves but people like you with dark souls will forever be like this. One day, you will answer for your deeds.

  4. This is a monthly occurence at this auction. On July 14,2012 there were 400 horses for sale and they were faced with unbearable conditions. It was 90 degrees with no water given, the horses were tightly packed into pens, frightened and afraid, when there were open pens available. (Animal Angels investigation.)Their treatment at this auction is horrendous. One month later 600 horses met with the same conditions. This auction should be exposed for what it is. They do have a website and I believe a well composed letter should be sent by everyone to this auction explaining that we are aware of what is going on,(CDHC Letter?) Maybe it is time to ask Animal angels to return to the auction and make their presence known as well, and have them report to the HSUS, ASPCA etc. Everyone, and I mean everyone, everywhere, should be aware of what is happening to these helpless,helpless horses.

  5. The authorities weren’t called because there is nothing illegal going on.
    Sad, but true.
    Well said, BarbaraGriffiths.
    Attitudes about livestock must change.
    Laws would be helpful, but there isn’t enough political will (aka profit) in making our animals lives better.
    It’s all up to us.
    Good luck to us all!

  6. Lana Marie · ·

    I haven’t watched it yet, just going by what is posted here. IF there is cruelty or abuse going on at this sale … WHY was the authorities not called? If someone can video this garbage being done & that many horses going thru, was there NOBODY from a/c etc. ? Whom ever did video this place needs to get it to the media HSUS, ASPCA, etc. At the very least to the public to show what this continued OVER BREEDING is doing to these animals & where most of them are goingé

    1. I cant watch anymore, but yes i agree with you Lana, it needs to made public, or it will never stop.

  7. The over-breeding and cr@p attitude towards horses will only stop when slaughter is banned.

    I am tired of hearing, so and so had no choice, they had to send their horse to slaughter, they love their horses. Reminds me of Jerry Sandusky claiming he really loved those kids.

  8. Thank you for all you do to try and help the horses. Tears for all the scared horses, tears.

  9. This is the result of over-breeding like there is no tomorrow and for these horses and many thousands more that is true. And they do it because they can. There is no laws in any state that stops a owner from breeding his horses if he wants to. There are no laws on the books that allows only a set amount of horses per owner. It’s the same thing with dogs and cats. The dog breeders do the same thing over and over and the only time you hear about it is when animal control has to raid the place.

  10. marni montanez · ·

    NO this is no way to treat animals. I am so sick of this. it’s time to stop

  11. This is almost as hard on the eyes as the actual slaughter videos. Maybe its because I know what’s next or maybe it’s because they look so wide eyed and scared. This is no way to treat these noble animals. The white with the pink nose looked like my cremela. What are we going to be able to do, if they can get 600 horses to auction for one day? Scary, really, really scary.

    1. Which segues to, did you see a lot of old, infirm, behaviorally un-redeemable horses in the group? (as the pro-slaughter minority claims)

      Me neither.

      Next November (US) we go to the polls. If a legislator protects the brutal, unpopular horse slaughter interests, imagine what they would do on issues affecting women, children and the elderly. Or anything important, if they can be bought and paid for like that.

      Vote no to horse slaughter!

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