La Palette has a visitor

Protests continue at la Palette in Toronto regarding their continuous selling of horsemeat to an unsuspecting public, even in the face of concrete evidence of the toxicity of horsemeat.

On Saturday evening (July 28) a member of Toronto’s finest came by.  We can only hope that the restaurant patrons got the irony.


  1. Heather · ·

    Love the picture…very appropriate.

  2. Very approiate i love this photo

  3. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Now that is just COOL!

  4. Yes, excellent message indeed. I hope people get the message and this disgusting place gets shut down

  5. I have tried three times to post here. We are not winning . If you care about horses go to the Woodbine Ssles in September and save a yearling

    1. I agree with your comment. I hope you will keep posting to see if you can get some attention to the sales and perhaps some horses can be saved. Don’t give up.

  6. M P Clark · ·

    Too good! You guys cheer me up every time I see the protests. We in the US need to find ways to make public actions work for us. I am trying to come up with ideas we can afford to do here. Great work! Please keep posting.

  7. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Very appropriate! Now that is a message. Yes hopefully the patrons got the message. I guess they did not come out to protest or argue with the protesters.

  8. Dennis Davey · ·

    keep up the good work, MEDIA ATTENTION IS KEY. It does not hurt either to have two of Torontos finest.

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