FOIA Confirms Bouvry’s Plans to Re-Open “Death Row for Horses”

Posted July 25, 2012 by Laura Allen

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted to the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), Animal Law Coalition has learned that Bouvry Exports, which has the largest horse slaughter operation in Canada, has obtained an application for FSIS inspections. Under the Federal Meat Inspection Act the inspections are required in the U.S. for horses that are to be slaughtered for human consumption. FSIS approval and agreement to provide inspectors would be an important step for Bouvry Exports in opening a U.S. facility to slaughter horses for human consumption.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Bev Herzog M.P. Atamanenko sure can help with this worst of the worst named C. Bouvry. It requires the intervention of the N.D.P. causus, when Parliament resumes. N.D.P. causus members need to share their speaking time with Mr. Atamanenko, as he is well down on the speaking order list. I can assure you if Mr. Atamanenko is not accomadated, his bill C322 will die in Parliament, as it will not proceed beyond first reading, and the N.D.P. leader Thomas Mulcair and his cabinet are well aware of this. I encourage every one who wants to see this scurge of HORSE slaughter brought to Canada by HEIR Harper put to an end NOW, to take the time and email, write or phone Thomas Mulcair leader of the formal opposition to do what is necessary for M.P. Alex Atamanenko at the resumption of Parliament to acquire time to speak to his bill C322 to move the issue to second reading and further. Iwrote a letter to Thomas Mulcair on June 29 2012, asking if Mr. Atamanenko will be accomadated regards to speaking to his bill in order for it to move forward.
    Iam awaiting his reply.

  2. Can mp alex atamaneko help with this bouvry jerk???????

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    Marie Dean/you asked WHY
    Stephen Harper[aka/ Heir Harper] From Alberta
    M.P. Ted Menzies [Farmer from Alberta] MONEY and VOTES
    C. Bouvry [ From Alberta]
    M.P. Gerry Ritz [Farmer from Ontario]

    1. Ritz is not from Ontario. He’s from Saskatchewan.

      1. jean robertson · ·

        He was an ostrich farmer at one time and you know how successful that would be !

  4. The 64% of people quoted that are against horse slaughter in Canada is way too low! It is called a “recent” poll but was taken years and years and years ago. The 36% that this poll represents of people wanting horse slaughter is not true to heart. The equine federations, associations and councils, have a group of people that are under their umbrella that are against horse slaughter. Unfortunately, the heads of these organizations are speaking for the “title” of the group NOT for the members of the groups. And of course the “title” must keep the peace with the government of Canada. The thoroughbred and standardbred racing organizations do not want their horses slaughtered, but they are, again, keeping the peace with the government of Canada. Why must we keep the peace with the government of Canada when they are not representing the majority of Canadians, and they are holding hostage the equine welfare organizations? Why?

  5. Heather · ·

    How very, very sad. I am sure that he has “greased” the wheels to let this happen. If only I had a lot of money to be able to buy my own lobbyist to help pass much needed laws to close down these slaughter plants!!

    1. CowgirlPenner · ·

      Heather, are you a horse owner? Before you lobby to discourage the plants, can you please tell us where we are to take our old, sick, dying, crippled, arthritic, or mean horses? Nobody takes care of their horses any better than I do but I cant dig a hole with a shovel when they pass, nor can I keep them until they drop and watch them suffer for years as they age and can no longer comfortably support a one thousand pound frame on arthritic legs. Unfortunately they get cancer, they get injured, and they become arthritic just as any other pet does but they just dont age as gracefully as small animals. Since the plants closed here in the US, I’ve been denied the opportunity to gracefully assist my horses at the end of their journey. In the past, I’ve fed my horses a great last meal, slept with them in the barn and loaded them in a comfy trailer for a nice short ride to the nearest facility and after many tears, turned them over to the plant to be euthanized and disposed of however they see fit. Now there are no facilities for me to drive to, it’s disgusting to think of the pain they endure being shipped to other countries when we could help them gracefully. Even if I were to hire a backhoe to burry one, it would be illegal to bury an animal of that size in my county as they can contaminate water supplies etc.and there are laws against it. Please give us an option before you lobby against what most responsible, educated horse owners want.

      1. Are you for real? You don’t take your old, sick, dying, crippled, arthritic, mean horse anywhere Cowgirl! You gracefully assist your equine partner with a dignified end of life at HOME. You forgot about the most important option – humane euthanasia by a qualified veterinarian at home where your equine friend is most comfortable.
        Plants do not euthanize – they inflict pain and suffering through terror – it is called slaughter – big difference Cowgirl! You must just want the couple of bucks that you would receive from your equine partner being “disposed of” as you call it. Yes, you should be crying many tears, Slaughterhouse Sue?

      2. CowgirlPenner · ·

        if they are euthanized at home, how do you dispose of them? It is illegal to bury them in my area and we have no rendering facilities to come get them. And yes, I do receive cash when I take them in which has always been donted to a shelter or humane society.

      3. jean robertson · ·

        There has to be a dead stock disposal company or a rendering company near by. Horses and cattle die every day so they have to go somewhere if it is illegal to bury an animal on your own property. Besides kill buyers do not want the old crippled horses that should be euthanized at home. They want the young 7 to 15 year olds and the horses that are bred for meat in Canada and the U.S.

  6. CowgirlPenner · ·

    For the folks that are anti slaughter. I have a story that is fact, not fiction. I was at a horse sale barn just a week ago and I met a kind old man with two horses that seemed to be sweet, were put together well and appeared well cared for. They both were profoundly lame. I talked to the old man for a bit and found out that he had taken the horses as rescue horses because their owners could no longer care for them. He turned them out to pasture, gave them a good home for a few years then he himself fell on hard times. He could no longer feed two large animals or pay for the medicines they needed to make them comfortable in their arthritic state. He said he tried in vain to give them away and find them another rescue home but he was unsuccessfull. As a last attempt he brought them to the sale barn hoping another equine enthusiast would take them. I watched them sell in the ring. Both went to a “kill buyer” It broke my heard knowing that the horses were going to be on an overcrowded transport truck headed for Mexico or Canida. They faced several days of uncomfortable treatment before they came to the end of their journey. Just as an older dog or cat needs uthanized to prevent suffering, these horses needed the same. I only wished that night, that the old man could have loaded them in a small, safe comfortable trailer and taken them to a more local facilitly himself where, yes, they would have still been euthanized, but their last few days would certainly have been much more humane and without the fear and stress that they certainly encountered and endured on that hot, overcrowded transport truck bound for Canida or Mexico

    1. CowgirlPenner · ·

      I also realize Canada is spelled wrong now that I read this on a larger screen than the phone that it was typed on at 4am. I apologize for the typos and any grammatical errors. I’ am sure someone will rip on my faux pas but the intent of the comment is still the same. Again I apologize for the errors. The site doesn’t seem to allow me to delete or correct them.

  7. Dennis Davey · ·

    C. Bouvry, is the worst of the worst. This is a person who would sell the family dog by the pound, to Asia if he could realize a profit. The unprincipled Conservative Govt. in Canada would look at the enterprise favourably as they could realize a tax, and they would call it part of their jobs, growth and prosperity spin. Realistically, the only way this cruel and barbaric industry is going to be finally put to a halt is for the comprimised politicans in the U.S. and Canada to get off their lazy ass and pass legislation. Legislation that 80% of the U.S. PUBLIC and 64% of the Canadian PUBLIC want NOW. It would also convince these comprimised politicans if the 80% of the U.S. public, and the 64% of the Canadian PUBLIC got off their lazy ass, and overwhelmed these comprimised politicans with their letters of absolute disgust, and further mention the reality of the next election.

  8. It doesn’t say where he the application was submitted. Notice he will pay for inspectors – isn’t that against the law? When the inspectors are on his payroll – they will do what he says. We must fight this – someone in the know tell us what to do. My first thought is to pass the Horse Slaughter bill in
    Congress outlawing all horse slaughter and transportation for slaughter purposes. Wonder if he is donating large sums to congress people and is assured this bill will not pass?

  9. jean robertson · ·

    Don’t let Bouvry get a foot hold. He has money and European buyers to buy his contaminated products.

  10. Shelley Bryant · ·

    This is an outrage What happened to the 80% of U.S. citizens that DO NOT want horses to be slaughtered here on our ground, nor do we wish to pay for it !!

  11. Sharon Sferrazza · ·

    In the United States? Which elected official can I bellow at to express my outrage? Indecent? Yes. Sneaky and underhanded? Let me count the ways!

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