Campaign aims to end horse slaughter

Below are links to coverage for the billboard campaign in Calgary with an interview with NDP MP Alex Atamanenko and Dr. Sandie Hucal, medical advisor to the CHDC.

This link is to a report that has a poll that needs your votes:

Coverage of the press conference from the National Post.  Absolutely appalling that a once-respected national paper, albeit one with a Conservative agenda, would allow such shoddy reporting by one of its staff. Instead of doing background research on the topic, this journalist prefers to put aside all that and attack the NDP and MP Alex. Mind-boggling.

Open File:–stop-slaughtering-us-anti-horse-slaughter-message-on-calgary-billboard


  1. TheJAG57 · ·

    I am from WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL ON FACEBOOK. I had a friend ask me if there is a petition to sign against horse slaughter in Canada. I know I signed it months ago; but for people just beginning to understand the problems, they need to know the link to the petition or the petition itself. We also monitor other Canadian sites like the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition and a page that makes posters for anti-slaughter campaigns. Please contact me by message or post on WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL (on facebook – just enter the name in the fb search) the petition for C-322. Thank you. Good articles and information. I appreciate it very much. I have been reading things like this for hours; and a well written article is always appreciated.

    1. jessica · ·

      hi i try to find you on facebook with no luck i want to sign the petition but cant find it can you help?

  2. linda badham · ·


  3. Thank you MP Alex Atamanenko and Dr. Sandie Hucal for your tireless efforts to inform the public of the inhumane business of horse slaughter. And a great big thank you to The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition for your constant behind the scenes devotion and dedication to helping others help horses. We all know that it takes a great amount of time and teamwork to organize events that bring awareness to Bill C-322 and to the cruelty of the horse slaughter industry. The food safety concerns are not being addressed by our government and the CFIA because they cannot be fixed – the industry must be shut down! Thank you to all that are standing up to bring awareness and eventually closure to this grossly horrific industry filled with pain, suffering and illness. Thank you again to the CHDC for being the umbrella for all things good for the horses – love ya!

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