NDP ‐ Atamanenko Rallies Crowd at Calgary ‘Stop Slaughtering Us’ Billboard

NDP ‐Atamanenko Rallies Crowd at Calgary ‘Stop Slaughtering Us’ Billboard

BC MP wants predatory horse meat business shut down

Calgary, AB – Alex Atamanenko, MP (BC Southern Interior), along with expert horse advocates, addressed a crowd today at the anti-horse slaughter billboard recently erected on Barlow Street SE with sponsorship from the US based Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue (AAHHR). 

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  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Bev Herzog, i noted your comment about writting letters, and receiving no response. I to have written, and when there is no response i write again and again until i receive a reply THAT ADDRESSES THE SPECIFIC CONCERNS IN MY LETTER. Do not let the likes of a politican deter you. That is exactly what they are looking for.

  2. Heather · ·

    Thank you MP Atamanenko for all the work you are doing to stop this inhumane suffering of horses.

  3. Glenda Steinley · ·

    Ask any honest horse owner and they will tell you that horse meat is UNSAFE! Just look at the horse dewormers, Bute, Atravet and many other drugs that we frequently use on our horses and see the label warnings-“THIS DRUG MUST NOT BE USED IN HORSES THAT ARE TO BE SLAUGHTER FOR USE IN FOOD”. Yes, elsewhere in the world, people probably do not treat and med their horse like we do here in USA and Canada-so to eat horsemeat from these two countries is also to eat drugs that are not designed to be consumed by Humans. Think that the slaughterhouses care what people eat or that the so called affidavits are honest from horse dealers claiming that these horses have not been given forbidden drugs? Think again! Eat all the horse meat you want and kill yourself doing so, but do not feed it to your kids as that may be consider slow murder for whom knows what they will develop years from now consuming an unsafe product.

    Canada is not known for its food safety-just remember the madcow crisis with cattle. Give these federal/provincial governments time and they will once again have meat coming from Canada banned by most of the world. Remember, at some time most of these horses have been given drugs, and yes there will always be a problem with unwanted animals-cats, dogs, horses so perhaps there will be a market for someone whom will humanely put down these unwanted horses and keep them out of the domestic food chain. Horses do not belong there.

  4. Im in colorado, and back you all to the end , i have written and emailed and never got a reply, it has to stop now.

  5. Dennis Davey · ·

    Write, email or call the new leader of the N.D.P.Thomas Mulcair, state that you are aware private members bills rarely become law, and he needs to do what is necessary as leader to accomodate Mr, Atamanenko by providing N.DP. caucus speaking time to him in order to further the bill beyond its present first reading. He needs to understand that a majority of Canadians opposed to this barbaric industry want this bill brought to a final vote in the House.
    As for Mr. Atamanenko, he should be recognized for his recent efforts in his visit to the SEAT OF HORSE SLAUGHTER,the best place in Canada according to Heir Harper, Allison Redford and of course lets not forget the worst of the worst Clyde Bouvry. ALBERTA

  6. Dennis Davey · ·

    Simply put, this is a dark, seedy preditory industry,fully supported by the likes of Harper and his go boy Ritz.Consider this, a majority of Canadians are clearly opposed to this industry, yet several millions of our federal, tax money went to support retrofitting of facilities in Quebec and Alberta, compliments of who else but Heir Harper, for none other than who else , the worst of the worst Clyde Bouvry from Alberta,who according to Heir Harper is the best place in Canada. It is of course if you are part of that seedy industry who has also branched out to rounding up large segments of the Wild Horse population to also fuel the killing of Horses in Clydes HOUSE OF HORRORS. You should also be aware that this is with the support of Allison Redford, premier of Alberta.
    For the majority of Canadias opposed to this cruel and inhumane seedy industry, i wrote to Madam Turmel on Dec. 21 2011
    when she was interim leader of the N.D.P., concerning M.P. Atamanenko bill. Her response to me was QUOTE” I want to assure you that our caucus will continue to SUPPORT Mr. Atamanenko and his efforts to shut down the slaughtering of Horses for human consumption” Note that Mr. Atamanenko bill has moved no further than first reading WHY”?:
    On June 29 2012 i wrote the new leader of the N.D.P., Thomas Mulcair stating that this issue becomes larger by the day, and he must be aware that a majority of Canadians want Mr. Atamanenko bill to move forward, so it does not stall, and considering private members bills rarely become law it is imperative that he as leader do what is necessary in the N.D.P. caucus to assure Mr. Atamanenko has the time to further speak to his bill in order that it move forward in the House.
    To date i have not received a reply from Thomas Mulcair. I respectfully encourage that majority of Canadians who want this dispicable, preditory killing of Horses to stop NOW to write, email or call Mr. Mulcair, and demand that he act to potentially stop Heir Harper, his cronie Ritz and of course the worst of the worst Clyde Bouvry from systematically killing these animals in mass and in a most horrendous fashion.
    Please do it now, as this travesty has gone on for much to long, while Horses are being slaughtered in the many thousands in Canada.

    1. Dennis. It’s CLAUDE Bouvry

  7. Teresa Heaney · ·

    I am so glad to see the issue of the inhumane slaughter of horses brought more into the public eye. It is an unacceptable practice to slaughter these animals in such an inhumane manner while the general public believes that they are humanely killed and that the meat is safe for human consumption. Horses are of much more value than dinner in a foreign country or even in North America. While this is currently in the public eye more needs to be done as the money hungry slaughterhouses, making so much money per horse overseas, will only want to stop their inhumane practices from being so visible to the public. The real truth shown on many videos needs to be put on the news. The way the Mexicans slaughter needs to be much more investigated as well as Canadian and American horses make their unhappy journey there to such an ugly death.Videos from the meat producers saying they are fully regulated and inspected cannot be true or the videos showing the inhumane deaths of these animals would not exist. They do exist and it is common practice that the horses suffer through the entire process.

  8. shoshone · ·

    Our horses need more honest people like Mr. Atamanenko in government .

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