MP comes to Calgary to protest horse slaughter

Global Calgary Monday, July 23, 2012 1:49 PM

 See it on Global News: Global Calgary | MP comes to Calgary to protest horse slaughter


  1. Shelley Bryant · ·

    This is such an outrage of B.S! Horses are not food …PERIOD! They have done so much for so many of us and this is not what they deserve! Disgusted & pissed! Fuck all these people who say, horse slaughter is the humane way!!

    1. Stephanie DiPaolo · ·

      This is absolutely disgusting! No animal should go through this!! Screw the people that say that the animal doesn’t know what’s going on! They sure do! Every time I look into my horses eyes I see a soul! I see an animal that listens to my every word, that knows when I’m happy and sad, that shows emotions and always gives 100% when he is asked to work! This shit needs to stop! Not only do the slaughter houses need to be shut down but us horse owners need to STOP breeeding unwanted horses! Horse breeding needs to somehow be controlled!!!

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