Updated stats to May 2012

More sad numbers from Ag Canada showing the numbers of horses slaughtered in Canada from 2006 until May 2012.

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  1. It truly is a disgrace, which one is worse, the us taking them the horses, or canada slaughtering them. I feel sad, and yes i think we do have more of congress getting involved, they should be able to help, people can not give up, and must be heard over and over again until it stops.

  2. If these numbers represented people, well, the world would be in an outrage! Our horse welfare federations, associations, councils, equine-related businesses need to start to be a VOICE for this disgrace in Canada.

  3. Elizabeth dana · ·

    The statistics show an increase in 2007 when ever kill buyer took any and every horse to Canada. In looking at the graph the population supply is actually going down when the 5 year drought would or should sho
    w a dramatic increase. Does this mean the kill breeders are not increasing their stock numbers for slaughter or the effects of slaughter are depleting the sources. If the hypothesis that slaughter will eliminate abuse and neglect, then every country Canada buys horses should be filled with happy healthy horses being the one left.

    Slaughtering a horses does not stop abuse, eliminate neglect, improve the stock, change the weather,make an abusive owner become “better”.

    I am saddened that the United States and Canada both share the shame and resposibility for lining a few truckers pockets and kill buyers while making Belgium and China rich.

    Apply the same logic to dogs and Canada and the United States becomes an ethically bankrupt country headed down a morally poisening path.

  4. I feel the same way Kathy does. Sick to my stomach and heartbroken. I try to imagine these numbers and I can’t or maybe I just don’t want to. It’s kinda like imagining 6 million Jewish people slaughtered by World War II concentration camps. I could never wrap my mind around those numbers until someone actually showed me what 6 million actually looks like. Maybe we should have a post showing 9,000 horses in one grouping. Maybe that’s what people have to see to understand the enormity of this crime against these sentient beings. So sad.

  5. Kathy · ·

    These numbers make me sick. I think of all of the suffering behind these statistics and the thought of it just makes me very sad.

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