Lakritz: If you start with chucks, where does the banning end?

Lakritz: If you start with chucks, where does the banning end?

 By Naomi Lakritz

OK, protesters, it’s time to face a few facts. The chance that the Calgary Stampede is going to cancel the hugely popular and equally hugely profitable chuckwagon races is about the same as that of a snowball’s survival in hell. Zilch. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Not that this is a good thing. I’m no fan of chuckwagon races. And I get tired of hearing how well treated and loved, and just like one of the family the horses are, and how they were saved from the glue factory. That doesn’t mitigate the fact they suffer grisly and unnecessary deaths while racing. And since they’re tethered together, the heart attack or accident or misstep of one horse brings down the other horses and causes their deaths, too.

I also get tired of hearing how chuckwagon races are part of our western tradition. They’re not.

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  1. This ‘love my horse’ (horses) is all bunk or you wouldn’t put them through these horrible events that risk their lives.

  2. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Yeah the horses are just like family! Pardon me while I puke! Hey some humans kill their families, what is the difference?

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