Video – protest targets treatment of Stampede animals



  1. Heather · ·

    We can only hope that with enough voices we can end this abuse.

  2. I watched the protesters and would like to thank them, what a great job they did, they made themselves heard, this is sick stuff for sure, the one wagon driver, so large of a man whipping the horses to go faster, i would love to whip his big big butt with his pants down and put blisters on his rear, it makes me that upset. i had a shoer trimming my horses feet and he hit her on the leg hard with his tool, and said thats how you make them stand still, i almost killed him with my bare hands, this treatment is not needed.

  3. Which ever horse went down It either tripped or broke a leg. This needs to be stopped. This is some of the worst cruelty there is. These horses are whipped to bolt forward. With the screaming crowd, all the yelling these horses are terrified you can see it in their faces. I hope this can be shut down. My god what are we humans turning into that would cheer something like this?

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