Controversial horse cloning alters Summer Olympics equestrian outlook

by David Graham

When Canadian show jumping superstar Hickstead collapsed after suffering a fatal heart attack in the middle of a World Cup competition in Verone, Italy last year, a legend died.

As the crowded stadium gasped in horror, the 15-year-old stallion that had carried Quebec rider Eric Lamaze into the stratosphere of grand prix juming collapsed to the dirt, struggeled for a moment and fell still.  

The 2008 Olympic gold medal horse was considered the greatest show jumper of all time — irreplaceable. Within seconds, Lamaze let go of the reins and watched the best horse in the world slip through his fingers.

Even as the 1,200-pound horse was being hoisted into a waiting ambulance, Kathleen McNulty knew that technology was available to keep the glory of Hickstead alive.

McNulty’s company, Replica Farms, offers cloning services to horse owners who aren’t ready to let go.–controversial-horse-cloning-alters-summer-olympics-equestrian-outlook

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  1. I dont like it and dont agree with it.

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