Three horses dead after chuckwagon race at Stampede

Calgary Stampede officials have confirmed three horses are dead and one is injured following a chuckwagon crash during a Thursday night race.

In a video of the accident, Chad Harden’s wagon takes a serious tumble in the backstretch of the Rangeland Derby’s fourth heat, which brought down a number of his horses and an outrider — a cowboy who loads poles at the start and must finish the race with the chuckwagon.



  1. A horse is considered a senior horse at 15 years old! What were they thinking??? Obviously just focused on the big prize of $60,000, as the owner stated this horse won him the prize back in 2009. These poor horses deserve so much more than what they are given by these owners. No horses life should be intentionally put in danger, and I don’t care how much they are vetted before, during and can never know how a horse may be feeling that day of a race, and that it could be their last. It’s just not right at all.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    I was right after all ,the EMPORERS favorite form of entertainment is watching horses virtually being run to death. On the same topic Alberta may soon have a problem acquiring horses to run to death for the EMPORERS entertainment considering Alberta is rounding up wild horses and sending them to Fort McCloud to be inhumanely slaughtered.

    1. There is no such thing as human horse slaughter you should know that.

  3. 18 years old. TOO old to be racing 😦 RIP to all the horses involved

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