CHDC Denounces Hazardous Rodeo Events at Calgary Stampede

 Three horses are dead and a fourth was badly injured during perilous chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede on July 12th (story here:

 This tragedy cannot be swept under the carpet as being an isolated incident, since the Stampede’s casualties have included six horses in 2010 and two in 2011.  Such an alarming history of equine deaths will neither be forgiven nor forgotten by those who stand for the welfare of horses.

 The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) is fundamentally opposed to horse-related events that rely on excessive risk-taking behaviours to entertain crowds.  In our view, this is animal abuse and needs to be banned.

 We stand in support of the Vancouver Humane Society and their efforts to ban chuckwagon races from the Calgary Stampede:

 A further tragedy is the fact that for many rodeo horses, the Stampede is nothing but a cruel detour to the slaughterhouse:  If they survive the events themselves, where do spent rodeo horses go?  The sad truth is that many go to slaughter.

 It is time for the Calgary Stampede to move into the 21st century and curtail all events that put animals at high risk of injury or death.  This would also include the calf roping events, which the CHDC views as being cruel to young calves.

 For more information please contact Sinikka Crosland at or at 250.681.1408 (cell).


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    With the EMPORER and his court jesters from Alberta, along with the likes of Allison Redford, and lets not forget the BARBARIAN Claude Bouvry, it will be very diffucult to bury this barbaric event into history where it belongs.
    WHY, because of Redford and the Alberta electorate, the EMPORER and his court jesters and the Alberta electorate, and lets not forget the worst of them all Claude Bouvry who will financially benefit when injured/ worn out horses are inhumanely and cruely slaughtered in his Fort McCloud house of HORRORS for money and greed.

  2. So stop over breeding the horses, and get rid of the greedy people and get rid of the abuse, its that pain.


  3. jean robertson · ·

    Has anyone stopped to think what will happen to some 1500 thoroughbreds if the races are stopped. They will be UNEMPLOYED. They will be butchered just like one out of every three thoroughbreds born in Canada and the U.S. Twenty four horses a week die in flat racing in the U.S. that is a far cry from what happens in chuckwagon racing. No one really complains about those numbers.

    1. Leslie Marchant · ·

      I think people do complain about those numbers – there is plenty of action in the US in response to the high number of catastrophic breakdowns – particularly in New York state where this issue has the attention of the Governor’s Office. The racing industry is a spectacular decline due to its failure to acknowledge that public does not support a sport that leads to the deaths of its participants.

  4. I have to agree with Leslie in the above comment, if you love your horse and care about them you would never want to put them in harm’s way, which is exactly what these chuck wagon competitors do. It’s all about making $60,000 and that’s it. Putting their horses at risk doesn’t phase these people because of the prize awaiting them. So sad and heartbreaking. The ex race horses deserve to live out their days risk free, not be put in some competition once again to make their owners money. Hadn’t they already spent enough of their days doing this??! Time for the owners to wake up and realize the dangers involved and to me the risk outweighs any amount of money they can win.

  5. Leslie Marchant · ·

    The Stampede is a disgusting orgy of cruelty to animals. Spectators – take a step back and think about what are you looking at. Can’t you see the suffering of all the animals being tormented for your entertainment? Participants – where is your compassion? Have you no repect for these poor creatures? Seemingly only the sponsors are starting to see…

    Animals that are “loved” and “cared for” should never be so carelessly put directly in harm’s way. And shame on those people who make these claims about the horses and other animals at the Stampede.

    A truly sad state of affairs.

  6. Angela Norma MacDonald (name *not* with held by request) -Nova Scotia, Canada · ·

    Good luck to have these chuckwagons banned. It’s beyond someone who has a brain, but alas, Harper is from Alberta, so gooooood luck. You have a giant battle on your hands. Keep your letters, e-mails coming, but until you have an election (?) even then…. I doubt if anything will change – even Bob Barker commented on this cruelty a few days before this. Makes one sick, but you are in a David/Goyiath situation. Wish you all the best. (disgusted in Canada)

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