VHS Action Alert

Vancouver Humane Society is looking for horse supporters to join protests at the Calgary Stampede:



  1. shoshone · ·

    I think they should leave the chuckwagon racing alone. Something like over 700 thoroughbreds are involved in it. They are well cared for and not overworked. The horses are not fast enough for racing so would be shipped to Fort McLeod or Lacombe to be butchered and sent to Europe.
    Calf roping and anything else that is knocked off their feet at high speed is cruel and unnecessary. Ponies being manhandled by a group of teens is also disgusting.

  2. Wish I could be there, but i am in scolorado, but i did send a letter to the fellow in senate there who donate 5 million dollars, and i told him a few better ways to spend the money. GOOD LUCK

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