Anti slaughter billboard up in Calgary!

Newest billboard is UP in CALGARY, CA! BIG THANKS TO Charlotte Uhrich and her group for getting it up – just in time for the Calgary Stampede.

It’s located on Memorial Drive S.E. just east of the Bigfoot Trail Highway.



  1. Heather · ·

    Excellent!!! One more voice for the horses!!

  2. Right on! Perfect timing!

  3. Teresa Heaney · ·

    Great that the new sign is up. Cowtown is so pro Stampede that there may only be a few who will think about it. In watching the Stampede news you can see that they train the kids at a young age to mistreat the animals. There are ponies in the wild horse/pony race that will never be the same after the treatment they are given. The calf roping, the chucks…there is so much money involved that they seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that these animals are suffering. There is a photo of one mother with her daughter and they barrel race. They are sitting on their horses laughing and the horses are being pulled by the bit and looking so uncomfortable and the humans on them don’t even notice. One thing I would like to see more promotion of is the end to the bolt gun and the development of a much more effective way to euthanize horses at the slaughter plants. I hate the idea of slaughter of horses and there is so much money they are making that I don’t know if it will end. People have been slaughtering horses for centuries and so few campaign against it. The more voices the better but it doesn’t seem contradictory to me to try to develop some more humane way to end their lives while fighting to end slaughter altogether. There are so many for horse slaughter it seems and who don’t care but there seem to be so few voices saying the boltgun is very ineffective as it is not used properly at all in the plants by many of the employees. There is absolutely no way that the slaughter house in Fort Macleod is going to stop killing the horses, not at the profit they are making and so proud of it. Does anyone have any comments on how to get the boltgun replaced? They don’t appear to even use a gun properly at times in the slaughter plants.

    1. Theresa Nolet · ·

      Teresa the trouble with your train of thought, is that slaughter does not start in the kill pen. It starts the moment a person sends their horse to auction. The entire journey is torture for most of these horses. I would suspect that you have not seen or read much on the actual slaughter of horses in North America. Here is a video from a kill buyer that will let you see why it cannot be tolerated in any way. Slaughter is the disposal method for the big horse industries such as the Quarter Horse Association and the racing industry. We must insist that they quite over breeding and mistreating their horses, such as racing them at two years of age, so that there is no need to slaughter horses. We euthanize dogs and cats humanely( or at least we are supposed to) yet we still want to see puppy mills shut down. Same thing. Also even if we could ensure that every horse was humanely slaughtered there is still the issue that they are NOT raised as food animals and thus are given drugs banned from the human food chain. We must also be concerned about the safety of the unsuspecting consumer, especially children! Here is the link to the video

    2. Hi, Teresa. Thank you for your comment. The captive bolt was being used at the LPN plant in Quebec until the footage that was submitted to us showed how awful this method was for the horses.
      Both Bouvry owned slaughter plants use a .22 rifle instead of the CBP. Our report “Chambers of Carnage” showed how horribly ineffective this method is as well as the CBP. Horse slaughter will never be humane as long as horses are pushed through in an assembly-line manner. Each horse is only given scant minutes to be “stunned” before being dragged into the bleed-out area. Trying to “stun” up to 200 horses a day does not work and never will. LPN has apparently switched to using the .22 rifle as well. God help the horses.

  4. Wynona · ·

    Im so happy to hear this

  5. Elizabeth dana · ·

    I would love to see on on the way to 812 across from Ogdenburg, Across from Alex Bay or Buffalo. They cross in Buffalo and I own an old a farm on 812 on the way to Ogdensburg. I am working with the SLU professor to see if we can do a rescue. I saw the article on the websites! Thank you.

  6. Dennis Davey · ·

    Fantastic/On the same issue why is the CBC news reporting the one side of this” ONLY”. News reporting is supposed to be” BALANCED” that would also include the VERY LARGE FOLLOWING of groups/associations/ political party/ and companies who are clearly opposed to the stampede.I have full intention to write CBC and ask why their reporting of such a controversial event is not BALANCED. Hopefully many of those as concerned as i am over one sided reporting will do the same.Also i would not hold my breath waiting for CBC news to report on the billboard, if they do not we should also ask why.

    1. The CBC has the broadcasting rights to this waste of time so the only POV acceptable will be whatever is favourable to the Stampede. Balance be damned where $$$$ are concerned.

  7. EXCELLENT!!!!!! YOUR timing is the best…..right in the heart of COWTOWN!!! Will be interesting what people have to say, like the ones who do send their horses to this horrific end & like the ones who had NO idea this was even going on??

  8. Angela Norma MacDonald (name *not* with held by request) -Nova Scotia, Canada · ·

    Bravo, Charlotte. Excellent timing. Too bad it could be forwarded to Bob Barker. Considering what he commented recently on the Calgary Stamped, the timing could not be better. God Bless.

  9. Let’s hope Mr. Bouvry and his henchmen see it every single day.

  10. arabianbreeder · ·

    Another one for the horses. 🙂

  11. Deborah · ·

    great!!!!!! lets work on another one. Canada/US border ?

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