Big money speaks quietly to the recalcitrant 100-year-old Calgary Stampede

By David J. Climenhaga | July 5, 2012

Money talks, and what money is saying now, the day before the 100th opening of the Calgary Stampede, is that Canadians are turning away from animal cruelty as entertainment.


Sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout, and the big money was barely whispering on the topic of harm to animals at the Calgary Stampede, which opens for the 100th time tomorrow. But rest assured those sibilant sounds from the upper reaches of Bell Canada’s corporate office in Montreal are being heard clearly in the boardroom of the Stampede Board as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” marks its centennial.



  1. The Calgary Stampede is a 100 year old dinosaur, a culture & way of life that no longer exists except at these type of events. Are the people who spout about continuing their culture still going down to the river with their buckets to get water? I think not! Time to move on….not just when it suits you too!

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    I would NEVER patronize the stampade, nor wath on TV., and any opportunity i get to send this message to others i do. All our communication devices at home are BELL, and they should be congratulated on their decision to not to sponser this barbaric spectable, after all it is also good business. I wrote Premier Redford asking her to send me their stats on animal deaths and injury, and information as to this event, animal injury and Canadas infamous, cruel and inhumane slaughter HORSE industry, that by the way 64% of the PUBLIC is opposed to. NO RESPONSE OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FROM THE PREMIER, WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.
    As for anyone in the corporate world who still sponsers this barbaric spectable, NEVER FORGET THAT A EDUCATED CONSUMER COULD BE VERY BAD FOR BUSINESS.

  3. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Kudos to Bell Canada. I used to work for them and have all my phones and services with them. I hope other corporations follow their lead. I am certainly not watching the show on CBC and hope everyone doesn’t either.

  4. Good for you Bell Canada!! And as for the Calgary Stampede – a celebration of “cowboy” culture. If cowboy’s equal animal abuse. Real women want real men, not cowboy’s!! Ride off into the sunset alone cowboy.

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