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We’re pleased to tell you that we’ve added a page to our blog that features fabulous items that have been generously donated to the CHDC to sell to raise funds for our Horse Protection Initiatives.

A sample of the great items is this amazing print by the well known artist Lesley Harrison titled “The Guardian”

The items can be found here:

For information on our Horse Protection Initiatives, please go here:

With your generous help we can do more and more for horses and continue to work to end the horrific slaughter of our beloved companions and working partners.

Take a shopping spree and help horses!

 Help Us Help Them with your purchase! 

Also, don’t forget to visit our Cafepress page where we have more great items:

 Shop till you Drop
 for the horses!



  1. The Equine Gift Bucket has been sold to Tammy Kampmann. Thank you Tammy for helping The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition continue their work.

  2. From a group that has given you investigations from within the slaughterhouse to the legislation of a bill in parliament, to now wanting to offer horse protection initiatives – I just can’t ask you loud enough to help them!
    “As Funds Permit” “As Funds Allow”
    Please help us BUILD our horse protection initiatives so that we can help EVEN more horses.
    As an Adoption Incentive, CHDC is offering a $50 rebate to be paid, as funds permit, to adopters who obtain a horse from one of the qualified rescues listed in our database.
    Under CHDC’s Euthanasia Assistance Program, it is possible for qualified applicants to receive $150 toward the cost of humane euthanasia performed by a veterinarian, as funds allow.
    From the group you can trust with your heart that their “soul” intentions are to help horses! Why not consider buying that Christmas gift early or …. Please consider giving them the power to do more.

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