Two Sirs, with Love

Lovely story with the usual wonderful photos of Barbara Livingston

Two Sirs, with Love

By Barbara Livingston

The two dark bays – one a stallion, the other a gelding – live 300 miles apart in the Sunshine State. They have never met, but they’re bound both by blood and the love of their faithful owners.

The property doesn’t seem out of place in the south Florida neighborhood. There’s an airy and lovely house, lush greenery with a few palm trees, a small canal out by the street and an attractive and tidy barn behind the house. Then what makes it so unusual? Why, a multimillionaire horse lives in the backyard.



  1. I loved, loved this story…….Ralph Zadie…I am sure I knew him in Jamaica……he trained there as well……I have book marked this story….I wish all horses were treated with such respect & love!

  2. shoshone · ·

    These owners and trainers show the world the way horses that give their all should be treated in their retirement years. Great people.

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