Toronto Zoo – horsemeat on the menu

Toronto Zoo kitchen: How do you feed 6,000 animals a day?

Published on Sunday July 01, 2012

Amy Dempsey
Staff Reporter

Every week this summer, we take a look at animal life in the GTA.

The fish popsicles are making me sweat. I’m lugging two of the giant frozen snacks in buckets, one in each arm.   When I haul them up to the wooden feeding platform, I’m greeted by three happy-to-see-me polar bears.

Inukshuk, the big fella, pokes his head out of the water below, blinks and tilts his snout skywards to catch a whiff of morning air. He can smell the treat he knows is coming.

 The fancy snack — a bucket-sized block of ice packed with raw herring, zucchini, parsnips and oranges — has been specially prepared for Inukshuk and his polar bear companions by a brigade of superchefs who tend to fly under the radar: the Toronto Zoo kitchen team.–toronto-zoo-kitchen-how-do-you-feed-6-000-animals-a-day


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    I mailed my letters today to Alex Atamanenko, Premier McGinty and the Chief Operating Officer at the Toronto Zoo
    Wouldn’t a peaceful protest at the entrance to the Toronto Zoo be appropiate to inform the PUBLIC? I am in as i only live in essex county, a 3 to 4 hour drive.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    There is a very, very large number of Canadians adamently opposed to HORSE slaughter 67% last poll. There is that same number of Canadians, who are ACTIVELY involved in halting this cruel and inhumane killing of what most consider are companion animals or pets. Is there any possibility that someone from those of us oppoed to this barbarism, could send a copy showing actual HORSE slaughter to the Toronto Zoo, and the many other thousands of us write or email the Zoo, passing on our outrage. I for one will be mailing my letter to the Toronto Zoo, no later than this week, with copys to Federal M.P. Alex Atamanenko and Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty. This is our opportunity to innundate the Toronto Zoo with our letters and emails, and do so this week.

  3. I’m surprised that they believe there are neither growth hormones or additives. There is no such thing as an animal without growth hormones – it’s impossible to um, grow without them, and it’s impossible to gestate or feed young, lay eggs, etc without growth hormones. What they mean is that they think there are no recombinant growth hormones (artificial) in the animals’ flesh. As far as the other drugs go, well, it’s time for some enlightenment for the zoo.

  4. I read through the comments and I doubt any of the people replying knows about the drugs in the horse meat. The only thing that they talked about was closing up the Zoo. I wonder if the this newspaper has had any articles written about horse slaughter?

    1. Barbara, the Toronto Star for the last year has been “promoting” horse meat, almost to the point of a campaign. This campaign seemed to start when people began protesting in front of a restaurant that serves horsemeat – yuck – so, there is some kind of connection that is not of benefit for the horses. Isn’t that nice.

  5. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I have been lucky enough to win passes to the Zoo from a radio station. I dont think I will try this year after reading it is Horse Meat that the Carnivorous animals are fed

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