Group rallies against ‘cruel’ horse-drawn caleches

A group of animal-rights activists is seeking a ban on Montreal’s iconic horse-drawn caleches.

A dozen activists rallied in the Old Port on Saturday, saying the mode of transportation subjects horses to cruel working conditions. 

“I find it dangerous, I find it arcane, I find it cruel, I find it useless,” said Alexandra Marier, a spokesperson for the group.


  1. As horse people we all know that a horse standing in one spot for long periods of time is a difficult task for that horse. As horse people we all know that when you see a horse hitched to a plough or a standardbred horse to a cart they are moving. As horse people we all know that a horse subjected to the elements for 8 hours+ without food or water is unfair and cruel. As horse people we all know that subjecting a horse to this day after day is disgusting. As horse people we all know that the horse cannot show weakness – its nature of being prey prevents it from showing the world its suffering until it cannot physically carry itself any longer. As horse people we all know that the horse will be our willing partner as we inflict the stresses of our wants, causing it ulcers from our demands. The problem here is these horses are in the hands of people that do not understand “the horse”. We must be the voice for the horse and ban this luxury form of transportation for the spoiled and uncaring human – grow up and get a cab! Horse abuse is Canada’s shame and it will continue to be until we DEMAND it stop!!

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    This is a province with virtually no animal welfare standards, and the few that exist have a problem with being enforced. Remember this is a province who thinks nothing of the cruel, inhumane slaughter of HORSES that most ALL Canadians regard as companions or pets, this is also a province that is notorious for PUPPY mills, that treat DOGS in a most inhumane and cruel manner.
    Sure says a lot about Premier Charas dosen’t it.

  3. This report seems to have just covered one side of this issue. The problem with media is they are becoming a source of news that is one-sided and it takes a lot for them to be on the side of the animal. It is a hard fight and many people would have thrown in the towel but horse lovers just get stronger. One day, that reporter may see the side you speak about and one day the truth will be revealed. The more attention that surrounds these drivers the better they have to treat their horses because they know they are being watched NOW! It all takes time for the ugly truth of animal abuse to finally be noticed and taken seriously.

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