From Big Top to table


By Tracey Coveart/The Scugog Standard

Thanks to an incredibly generous gift from my brother and his family, Stephie, Rob and I got to see Cavalia’s Odysseo unfold under the white big top in Toronto’s Port Lands last Friday night.

It was magnificent.

Of course, that’s the way I feel about horses in general. There is nothing more graceful, more elegant, more gorgeous than a horse in motion. That these gentle, companionable creatures allow us the opportunity to move in concert with their effortless rhythm – will tolerate a saddle on their back, stirrups at their side and a bit in their mouth – is testimony to their limitless generosity and enduring affection.

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  1. yes the killing never never stops, canada sucks, i have no use for the GOVT that stoops this low, they will pay one fine day. THANKS TO ALL THOSE RESUES IN CANADA TRYING SO HARD TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  2. And the killing goes on day after day after day.

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