The horse needs a “Humane” society!

As the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition was being represented at the Cambridge & District Humane Society Poochie Walk on Saturday, June 16th, it was very apparent that there was a different vendor at this year’s fundraiser.

Is that a horse in those pictures?  Why are those people here at a humane society event? Because horses need a humane society as well!


Dog lovers listened and were shocked to hear that the horse is the most abused domestic animal.  Dog lovers who love all animals expressed their sadness for the horse by signing the petition in support of Bill C-322.

When a small animal, dog or cat, become unwanted or homeless they have a safe haven at an animal shelter to call home for a while until they can find an appropriate new home.

But, sadly, for horses, the moment he is labeled “unwanted” he becomes an “at risk” equine for entering the slaughter pipeline.

The horse is the forgotten animal in a humane society.

Thank you Deborah Mariano for making the CHDC a sponsor for one of the Cambridge & District Humane Society’s fundraising events.  Plus a great big thank you to all who assisted on Saturday from your financial contribution of helping “at risk” equines to your signatures of support for the horse.  

We can only hope and pray for that one day when the horse is part of a humane society too.

Here are some photos from a wonderful day!





  1. Indeed, Right, Zephyr!

  2. The wild horses in Canada need to be restored not plotted against for elimination as has been happening in Alberta. This is a disgrace. They are returned natives in North America and restore the ecosystem! They also greatly bolster our two-legged’s quality of life for they lend a special beauty, a charm that is palpably felt!

    1. Zephr · ·

      Agreed Graig. I fail to understand the mentality of the pro-slaughter supporters..their zeal and hunger for profit is a sad statement on ethics and morality.

  3. Countified · ·

    “The horrible fact unknown to 90% of the population is that retired racehorses, wild horses, rodeo horses, farm horses, and the like do not enjoy a retirement which they justly deserve. Instead they are shipped off to slaughter houses…far too many horse owners look at them to be a commodity which will still generate revenue through their death.”

    This is a highly exaggerated figure. There are so many organizations in the horse world that work very hard to find forever homes. Rodeo horses are trained professionals and are valued partners and friends, they get retired. Farm horses are generally allowed to live out their days in the pasture. In Canada, the wild horses are protected, not like in the States where they are rounded up annually and have been for years, and sent for slaughter. We all want to save horses, but please, get your facts straight and don’t blow things out of proportion. As a horse person that statement is an insult. If you want to stop the slaughter of racehorses and the euthanization of brand new babies QUIT VOTING MCGUINTY INTO OFFICE!!!!! He doesn’t like rural Ontario because we DON’T VOTE FOR HIM! It’s all the cidiots that keep voting him in that are perpetrating the horror of race horses going to slaughter and the masses of them that will be headed that way all to soon. If you want to help out, then work at a rescue or donate money, but don’t start spreading rumours and innuendo that you can’t prove.

    1. Zephr · ·

      First off I DO NOT personally vote for McGuinty. Secondly if one takes the actual time needed to do their own research, which I personally have invested countless hours doing, if one actually invests hundreds of hours and maintains close contact with those individuals who are extremely active in being a voice for the horses that are brutalized within slaughter plants both within Canada and the US just as I have been doing for a number of years and continue to do, then one would have the facts which prove beyond any doubt that horses are being exploited without mercy across North America period. The facts are there for all to see and there is no exaggeration or spreading of rumours or innuendo. All the facts have been proven.

      True some horses are lucky enough to be retired, some profitable horses within the racing industry are put out to pasture for stud, some obtain their well earned rest from a life of continued performance, be in in the ring or from behind a plow or carriage. Unfortunately that is not the case for all horses.

      The figures are not exaggerated!! Before you are so quick to suggest that innuendo and rumours are being spread, by people who actually work to save these magnificent animals, I suggest that you do your own research..starting with: Black Beauty Betrayed:

      If you want to learn the truth:

    2. Justice, Love 'n Care Animal Rescue · ·

      Unfortunately, horses are going for slaughter by the truck loads every week at the local auction that I attend. It is fair to say that at least 75% of these horses do end up at the feed lot, with a probable destination to a meat plant. While there are people who know that their horses have a high chance of ending up at a meat plant through some of these auctions, there are also some owners who have no idea that this is a reality. There ar also people looking for homes for their beloved horses, offering them for free. Again, the dark truth is that often these horses end up at the meat plant as well.

      Zephyr, I do believe that your numbers, while seeming high, are pretty well accurate. People sell their horses as companion horses, give them away for free, and even get the new owners to sign contracts. Even with contracts, so many people have lost track of where their horses have ended up. We see what is going on with the race tracks. When educating people about horses and how the slaughter industry works, often I hear that I am exaggerating as well. When I am told that, invite people to the auction, to look at different websites with free horses and previous owners looking for their horses, and to speak with people who work at the tracks. That is when people are just shocked.

      We do need to challenge the government on their laws and regulations regarding horses, the protection of horses, and the saugter industry. There is so much that needs to be done, nd the more people who take a STAND, the more people who we EDUCATE, and the more that we work TOGETHER towards the welfare of horses, being the voice for them and getting them out of desperate situations, the more we can make a difference.

      If someone wants to make a difference by taking in an animal, butdoes not have he space or funds, there are other ways to help- volunteer at a local rescue, help with a private or public fundraiser, educate others about what is going on, take the time to g yourself and see what is happening to these lovely creatures.

      1. Zephr · ·

        Sadly the numbers are actual stats that were obtained while researching for my various Blog posts in my own war against horse slaughter. I strongly recommend that one reads the report published by CHDC: Black Beauty Betrayed which reveals startling facts about the Natural Valley Farms Horse Slaughterhouse in Neudorf, Saskatchewan. CHDC found so many violations it is incredible that this facility is allowed to remain open. The extreme brutality boggles the mind and it is also evident that the CFIA’s lack of supervision and enforcement of regulations makes them culpable in the horrific treatment of these horses awaiting slaughter.
        In addition undercover witness reports, photos and videos have been taken at the horse slaughter plant in Quebec. The horrors continue unabated.
        Thank you for your comments, it is most important that the public be educated. It would be a wonderful action for all horse owners who are even considering on sending their horses to auction, or thinking about giving them away actually visit these slaughterhouses and be witness to the very real possible fate of their equine companions.
        One must also be made aware that while the racing industry does provide income for hundreds of people, the new born foals of nurse mares are considered disposable. These youngsters never stand a chance are are usually destroyed at birth.

    3. shoshone · ·

      Countified I think you should get your facts straight. Wild horses are not protected in Canada. They are being rounded up and sent to slaughter in Alberta in large numbers. There are very few farm horses in Canada. When they are no longer wanted, they too are shipped. The Calgary Stampede Ranch sends the horses they raise that don’t make great buckers to slaughter. Most horse breeders and people that show horses (rodeo horses) will not sign the CHDC petition against horse slaughter because they want an outlet for the horses they no longer want. If you don’t believe me, just get a petition and start asking for signatures.

    4. · ·

      I have personally witnessed rodeo horses going for slaughter, they were not bucking hard enough any more. Farm horses are sent off to slaughter often, the idea that they just live out their days is fanciful, I have seen them many times bought up by the meat buyers. Wild horses are show at pests in Canada. These are the ugly truths, I wish it was an exageration.

  4. Jackie Wimbush · ·

    I’m in. I’d be happy to use my farm for this.

    1. Zephr · ·

      Jackie, your generosity speaks volumes. Thank you.

  5. Zephr · ·

    So many within the public sphere have no idea, no knowledge of the actual plight of horses across North America. Focused solely on domestic pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets are the norm for companion animals. So few rescue organizations have been formed for either farm animals and equids. The horrible fact unknown to 90% of the population is that retired racehorses, wild horses, rodeo horses, farm horses, and the like do not enjoy a retirement which they justly deserve. Instead they are shipped off to slaughter houses…far too many horse owners look at them to be a commodity which will still generate revenue through their death. Only through educating the masses and forming an organization such as the CHDC that will concentrate solely on rescue, rehab and which would allow these beautiful animals to live out the rest of their lives in peace can any of them be saved.
    WSPA for example targets animal abuse around the world. The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary takes in retired and rescued elephants allowing them to live the rest of their days together. There are organizations that take in rescued Farm Animals, and there is R&R Refuge which rescues and rehabs horses in Canada, but is facing much difficulty and needs support.
    We need to consider forming a Humane society for horses, most definitely, an International Society that will concentrate solely on protecting, rescuing and providing for the needs of these animals. A Society that will give voice to these animals.

    1. There is the IFH (International Fund for Horses) in Kentucky (Vivian Grant Farrell); The Ontario Standardbred Retirement Group; and, apart from RR, SIAQ (Securite-Intervention Ass’n du QC) in Quebec, among others. And, just a note to “Countified”: apart from the Sable Island Ponies, wild Canadian horses are not protected by either federal or provincial law(s): Alberta culls Canadian mustangs every Spring, calling them “pests” and supported by high-end cattle lobbies. Pls visit WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta) for accurate numbers and facts on the facts regarding wild horses in Canada.

  6. Why not start one?

  7. You are right on about horses needing a Humane Society just for them. If ever a animal needed this type of help the horse does. It has been used and abused since man discovered them thousands of years ago. First they hunted them then when they found they could ride them to attack other tribes that’s when the abuse started hot and heavy and has never stopped.

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