Closure of Woobine possible in 2013

As Woodbine prepares to hold the 153rd edition of the $1 million Queen’s Plate June 24, Nick Eaves, the track’s president and chief executive officer, stunned the crowd at the June 21 post-position draw by revealing that Woodbine may be forced to close next April.


Photo by Michael Burns

If the track were to close for the 2013 season, Sunday’s Queen’s Plate, North America’s longest continually run stakes, would be the last.


  1. Right, and the commenter above me’s short-sighted attitude is another reason for this very sad day. You condemn these animals to death, while wishing away their suffering. I don’t deny racing has some horrificc secrets and terrible truths.
    Now more beautifully bred horses will end up in someone’s garage, I guess. Better than slaughter, huh.

    Thank you for that reply, Shelley. Hay costs a fortune. So does gas. So do people’s salaries. What will they do? Oh, right, lots of jobs in other areas. Like convenience stores, selling lottery tickets.
    I don’t deny that I think racing needs a huge Public Relations overhaul, and I hope and pray that Woodbine can rise again. It’s a great track, one of the best.
    Yes, I know, They all seem like the “worst”. Look around you. Are you surrounded by the worst?

    I hope Woodbine can come back, with a mandate that the public will admire, and want to attend.
    Secretariat. Northern Dancer.
    Apalachian Chief.
    It would be a shame if that legacy disappeared.

    1. Yes it will be a disgrace if Woodbine closes. I am not insensitive to the many problems associated with horse racing but it seems that just as there is hope that things are improving with the potential removal of lasix and many more race horses being properly homed after their careers, we loose a part of Canada’s heritage.
      McGunity is the worst premier we have ever had.

  2. Heather · ·

    I, for one, am glad that it may be closing. Yes, I feel sorry for the people who will lose their jobs, but I don’t feel badly that this will be one less race track where horses suffer.

    1. Don’t worry; then won’t suffer, they will be dead.

  3. Shelley · ·

    Leslie: To answer your question….Times have changed since ‘before the slots’. Back in the day when there were no slots readily available……..people who liked to gamble-bet on the horses and now they have more choice. Also, operating costs and the overall costs of owning racehorses/racetracks has increased significantly over the years and the money from the slots was a partnership to help keep the racing industry going. People employed in the racing industry are not making huge money (compared to other sports) and they do it for the love of the sport not to get rich. Most are just getting by. Without the slot partnership, the chance of even making enough money to survive is slim.

    1. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

      I didnt know that. I am so sorry to hear this. I just dont want Beautiful Woodbine to die 😦

  4. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    What about all the years BEFORE the Slots? How did they manage to prosper? I LOVE Woodbine and its facility but to be honest, I feel that they are jumping the gun here.

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